Kano Students Stranded in Foreign Universities …. Send Open Letter to Gov Ganduje

An Open Letter to His Excellency Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduhe Phd, OFR
Your Excellency, we choose to write to you via this medium because we have exhausted all possible means to get your kind attention. We have been trying to contact the institutions and other authorities upon whom our responsibilities lie on, but to no avail.
We are the students sponsored by Kano state Government to study in various countries around the world. But unfortunately we have been left in a very difficult situation with unpaid tuition fees, pending upkeep allowances and accommodation fees. We have tried contacting the scholarship board, ministry of education and all the responsible agencies, but they have stopped responding to us. We have tried all possible means to reach out to His Excellency without success. That’s why we decided to write an open letter to draw your attention to our plights perhaps you might bring us help.
Sir, for most of us it has been more than a year since the last we received our upkeep allowances. Living in a foreign country without food and sometimes not even proper accommodation expose us to great suffering and social vices. A lot of us in so many occasion have to rely on their foreign classmates for some lively expenses while spending a day without even one meal is a common experience for most of us. Included among us are ladies whose vulnerability in this kind of situation cannot be overemphasized.
Your Excellency sir, currently our colleagues in El-razy University in Sudan are suspended from going to classes in their final year due to lack of tuition fees, while Omdurman University students have already completed their studies but the university refuse to issue their certificate because of refusal to settle their school fees, and landlords have confiscated their international passports[because they haven’t settled their debt], Students from Ahfad University have an outstanding tuition of three years.
Outstanding upkeep and maintenance allowances
1-Students from India have 18 months outstanding upkeep allowance and return tickets.
2-Students from Sudan 22 months upkeep allowances and 11 months accommodation fees.
3-Students Egypt owe 18 months upkeep allowances, resident permit fees and return tickets.
Your Excellency, most of our parents are not financially stable, we are in a difficult situation. And right now our fate lies in your hand. We are dutiful sons and daughters of Kano State, Our studies’ biggest purpose is to serve the good people of Kano and Nigeria. Please don’t let us fail, you’re our father and we believe you would love to see us succeed.”
Signed :
President :Sadik Abdullahi Uba (Sudan)
Vice President: Saminu S. Musa (India)
PRO: Muhammad Yusuf Musa (Egypt)

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