The Fraud of Air Peace Airline-Adegboruwa

I’m forced to react this time. I’ve endured this so many times in the recent past, but I just have to relate my experience so that those in charge can do something about it and thus save other Nigerians this hardship and exploitation.

I was booked to depart Abuja to Lagos via Air Peace for 5:50pm. As I finished from court earlier than planned, I decided to leave Abuja earlier. The weather became too hot to bear.

At the Air Peace counter in Abuja, I was informed of an earlier flight for 3:30pm, for which I agreed to swap my ticket. Surprisingly, I was charged a whopping N19,500, for that substitution, but I paid nonetheless, just so I can get to Lagos early enough.

Then the waiting game started. The plane will not arrive and the Air Peace counter would not be committed to make any categorical statement on the fate of the flight.

The fraud is this. As it has now dawned on me, I was charged N19,500 for nothing, as I’m now forced to depart Abuja at the normal time on my original ticket. I executed the substitution in order to be in Lagos earlier and thereby attend to some matters before the close of work today.

So we have come to the point where nothing works again and those empowered to protect our interest under the law are colluding and compromising.

FAAN is almost moribund and there seems to be no one in charge of Aviation matters in particular.

It has become usual now for Air Peace Airline to pack passengers together and keep tossing them here and there. They sell tickets for flights that are not operational, they announce fraudulent flight schedules for which they have no plane to cover and then they waste your time and money and nobody says anything at all.

If you miss their flight you pay to reschedule, if you want to travel earlier you pay and you will still be held down by bogus and crowded flight schedules.

But they just keep you there at the airport and no compensation, no apology at all.

When you eventually board those their planes, they are as hot as hell! The air conditioners don’t ever work.

This is not how to run a business.

FAAN and the Minister in charge should not leave us in the hands of crooked airlines.

And if we say Buhari is not working now, some of my very good friends will not let me rest.

Issorait nau.

NB: I do hereby humbly urge all those reading this post to help me share it en masse, on your Facebook walls, WhatsApp platforms and other social media devices till Air Peace, FAAN, the Minister, Buhari and those who should act, are able to read it.

Ebun-olu Adegboruwa., Esq

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