November 12, 2018
The Peace Action Coalition, a joint project of Builders of New Nigeria, BNN and International Organization for Peace Building and Social Justice, PSJ is embarking on WALK FOR PEACE program starting from MARYLAND BUS STOP to ALAUSA, IKEJA, LAGOS on November 29, 2018 from 8am prompt.
The continuous killings and bloodsheds in the country have assumed a desperate and frightening dimension that can no longer be ignored. The walk therefore is meant to inspire in the Nigerian people the desirable support for the relentless search for peace, democracy, development and the possibility of a new Nigeria. This idea is designed to primarily support all relevant initiatives which are being put together to accelerate national reconciliation and collective progression.
We believe this urgent and timely intervention will reassure our disturbed and distressed populace that there are still people who are resolute and committed to the New Nigeria Dream and are ready to inspire support for safety, security and stability which would create a better Nigeria and greater Nigerians.
Since the independence of Nigeria about sixty years ago, the life of the Nigerian citizen has remained almost as worthless as can be imagined, and the situation is becoming worse after the passing of each day. At home or abroad, nobody cares about the life of the Nigerian person. The Nigerian life has become the butt of all kinds of local, national and international hostilities with no visible sign of respite anywhere in sight.
A short while ago when injustice and impoverishment drove our people out of the country into the cruel hands of aliens who, were killing them and harvesting their body parts for sale, we thought we had seen the worst of all possible human horrors. But to witness the continuing carnages where our people are being butchered and massacred with insane impunity anywhere in this country on any pretext whatsoever is completely and absolutely untenable and unacceptable and it must stop forthwith.
Towards the purpose of ensuring the final stoppage of this mindless carnage, our movement in conjunction with all other governmental and non-governmental stakeholders would be embarking on series of serious advocacies and activities that would ignite the NIGERIAN PEACE REVOLUTION which is based on the fundamental, unequivocal and incontrovertible principle that anywhere in the world, Nigerian Lives Matter!!!

This WALK FOR PEACE program which is hinged on the fact that if all relevant people and interests do not interfere urgently and effectively in this affair that has generated so much passion, tension, emotion and obsession, the survival of the Nigerian nation itself would be under threat as the people that are being wantonly terrorized and killed will ultimately and inevitably be forced to rally together to resist and defend themselves against the offensive onslaught incessantly directed at them. Historically, this is the predictable and eventual consequence of sustained aggression between individuals, groups, peoples and even nations. For the sake of ourselves, our succeeding generations and our collective future, this catastrophe through any act or omission must not be allowed to happen in Nigeria.
We are therefore calling on all patriots of the Nigerian nation including Christians, Muslims, atheists and agnostics alike to rise up to actively support Peace Action Coalition in organizing and participating in the WALK FOR PEACE in honour and memory of all innocent victims of violence in Nigeria from 1960 till date who are both dead and alive.
These activities will also mark the beginning of active constitutional commitment to the stoppage of all the mindless bloodlettings that have now characterized the nationhood, aggressively overtaking the land and dangerously threatening to consume the entire nation.
Enough is enough. We shall no longer look on while our dear nation conflagrates. With God on our side, we shall succeed.
For Peace Action Coalition
Yinka Quadiri National Secretary


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