Revealed! Olukoya Best Kept Secret

General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, MFM , Dr. Daniel Kolawole Olukoya, shares the two experiences that gave him fresh fire anointing and power during his sermons to his congregation as captured by Newsnow.

Two things that catapulted and challenged me, i’ll share them with you.
The first one; I was a small boy, and we’re  going to church, our Pastor in that church, was a strange man. We called him “Baba Onirugbon “ meaning the bearded one because of his beard as it was unusual then for a pastor to wear beard. We had a revival service and we were doing praise and worship

I was at the back of the church. And all  of a sudden, a woman came out with a baby at her back, and she joined the worship. The woman stood by my side with the baby on her back, this old man [the pastor], walked from the pulpit to the back door. He ran there and he faced the woman, he said you “NEVER AGAIN IN YOUR LIFE, MUST YOU COME INTO MY PROGRAM WITH YOUR HEAD UPSIDE DOWN?”
[within me,  I was like] Ahn ah.. head upside down? I thought the woman was going to fight,….
But she said, “Daddy sorry,  I won’t  do it again”
Ah..ah!!!!, she was standing by my side. She had a baby at the back. She was standing straight with her legs, yet somebody said she is upside-down. I did not see her so. All  I saw was a woman with a baby at her back. I was troubled for my life, that I call myself a young man, and the Bible  says, “the old men shall dream dreams, and the young men shall see vision”. How come the old man is seeing the vision and I the young man can’t  see anything. I was like ‘what kind of ’wahala’ is this one, suppose this woman wants to harm me now, I cannot even see.
I was terribly challenged. It drove me to prayers, I had to go and seek the face of the Lord, for what is known as the power of OPEN EYES,
It made me to understand the prayer of the Psalmist, which says “LORD, open my eyes that I may see”, the psalmist is not physically blind, the psalmist was talking about the inner eyes.
It now made sense, when a whole army came after Elisha, and his servant was crying, my father , my father, I see trouble” and Elisha was laughing, he said “God open his eyes”, God temporarily opened the eyes of that servant, and he saw that those who were with them were more than those  the invading soldiers.
The second thing that challenged me [this time, I was older. I was in the choir, in that church, there is what we call, processional hymn, there is also recessional hymn. During  processional hymn, the choir will go outside the church, even the elders and the pastor will go outside the church, and pray.
While they were outside there, somebody calls the processional hymn, and the organist begin to play, then the choir matches in,….
So, we gathered that Sunday, we were out to pray before we enter into the church. All of a sudden, a car stopped at the front of the church, and one of our superintendents came out.
And the rule in that ministry is that as an older Pastor  comes in, he takes over the service.
So when he came, our pastor stepped aside, and the old man said, “Lets us pray” he said let somebody among the elders lead us in prayers, and an elder began to pray “Oulfa Yesu Olufa Yeeeesu… [In yoruba]. All of a sudden, the oldman said “SHUT UP” HOW DARE YOU PUT A CALABASH UNDER YOUR AGBADA AND YOU ARE PRAYING IN MY PRESENCE, let another person pray
Another person prayed. I was dazed.
I was completely troubled, the man [the elder who had calabash] has been praying on our head before now, and we didn’t know he had a calabash. We have been there together with him for years, this old man does not stay in our church, he just came for a visit one day, and within two minutes of staying in our midst, he was able to locate that somebody had a calabash.
And I was there singing under him, ah…ah.., what trouble is this?

It challenged me, it drove me to go into dry fasting, I must be able to locate the enemy.
I must stop seeing men after the flesh, I must start seeing them as who exactly they are; I WENT INTO DRY FASTING…..And that mark the turning point in my life.


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