Celebrity chef, Chef Fregz has posted an untitled poem, written by his friend, late Tosyn Bucknor,

where urged people not to cry for her. Rather, they should shed tears for themselves.

The poem suggests Tosyn lived intentionally, despite her many battles with sickle cell anaemia.

In the poem, Tosyn stated that each date you acquire gives you a little less.


Multi-talented Tosyn stated she felt no fear, as her steps on earth, was a testament to life.

Summarily, Chef Fregz stated that Tosyn’s words, in the poem were perfect and oddly reassuring. He thanked God for the light that Tosyn is still.

Part of the poem Tosyn wrote reads:

“I look to the future and see me cease,

I feel no fear, my face won’t even crease

My steps on this earth, a testament to life,

Leaving this place filled with strife

Don’t cry for me, shed tears for yourself,

For each date you acquire gives you a little less….

See the full attached below…

Tosyn’s lifeless body was found by her husband on Monday night, on his return from work.

Her sister and CEO of Zapphire events, Funke Bucknor Obruthe has confirmed that her sister died of sickle cell complications last night.

Funke disclosed the cause of the media personality’s death on social media, wrote: ‘My heart is heavy, but in all things we give thanks to God. My darling sister and besto Tosyn passed away last night due to complications from sickle cell. Love you’.


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