I won’t give up my ambition to govern, redeem Lagos – Agbaje

Jimi Agbaje, the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP governorship candidate in Lagos State, has described the All Progressives Congress, APC, as a party already in panic mode, ahead of next year’s governorship election in Lagos State.

Agbaje, who spoke while responding to questions from reporters recently, added that members of the ruling party are panicky because of the bold hand writing on the wall. According to him, it is tragic that even as APC battles its internal contractions, it still indulges in derogatory remarks against him, his party, the PDP, and even his supporters.  He, however, warned that the era of lies is over as Lagosians now know better.

“Imagine, I am being derided for my consistency in running a third time for the office of governor. I am also misrepresented daily for staying with my dream of a greater and a democratic Lagos, where everybody living here, irrespective of status or political affiliation, will be free.

“Yes, I am their customer and I have no problem with that tag, because I am a good sportsman. But those with discerning mind know that customer is king. Unknown to them, I am their king, let them wait and see.

“In Lagos, everybody is in bondage on account of the misrule of a few who are bent on continuing the pillaging of our commonwealth.  It is sad that some people still do not appreciate how precarious the situation is, but we must continue to inform those who are still in the dark on the dangers ahead, before it is too late.

“The swindling and intimidation of business interests in our dear Lagos, all in the name of taxation, is now an open secret. How can we continue to live with this anomaly? Everyday, Lagos makes huge money, yet a private company collects a substantial part of that money in the name of consultancy fee.

“Those who feel unconcerned or indifferent today stand the risk of becoming victims tomorrow. So, we must come together and vote right to end this rule of one man which has done us more harm than good since 1999”, he concluded.

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