Amosun:I fear only God, not even Buhari

Governor of Ogun State , Senator Ibikunle Amosun , has clarified the statement in which he allegedly claimed to have fear God and President Muhammadu Buhari.

Amosun while speaking to his supporters said he fear only God and respect Buhari .

Amosun had addressed leaders and members of All Progressives Congress during a stakeholders meeting held on Friday at the party Secretariat in Abeokuta . But in his clarification Amosun said, “You know this is our time as politician, a time when politicians will call black, blue. Yesterday I held a meeting with our people, and I said, I was brought up to fear God but only for me to see in the paper this morning that ‘Amosun says he fears God and Buhari’. No , it is only God I fear, the one that is alive, the only one that will say ‘Kufayakun’ and no one can change the fact I fear only God.

“Of course, I respect President Buhari, I love him and he loves me too but I know him he fears God because he is from God. He doesn’t beg for respect he commands and earns it. So it is only God that I fear.”

While delivering his Christmas message, the Secretary-General, Anglican communion worldwide, Anglican communion office and consultative council, London, Archbishop Josiah Idowu-Fearon explained that Nigeria’s problem is as a result of scanty knowledge of both the Holy bible and the Quran.

The cleric also noted that politicians are negatively using religion to divide the country but enjoined citizens to refuse any of such act.

His words, “Our major problem in this country today is that, so many people has scanty knowledge and understanding of the holy Quran and the holy Bible and they tend to propagate that little understanding of the word of God and anyone who does not agree with them, will be seen as an enemy.

“For the Christians, the real problem is sin because it was sin that caused the reincarnation and that is why Jesus came as sacrifice and as ransom for men.

“Jesus is a word that came in human flesh and as a result, he is a messenger and his mission is to save the people from their sins.

“Meanwhile God expect us all to humble ourselves but our politicians are negatively using religion to divide us in this country and the time has come for all us to say no to them.”


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