Agbaje denounces politics of desperation, insists Lagos must be free

Jimi Agbaje, the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP governorship candidate in Lagos State, has criticized the rising politics of desperation in the state, describing it as dangerous and an ill-wind that blows no good.

 He warned that any form of desperation, especially at this time is capable of derailing the dream of the founding fathers of Lagos State.

According to him, “politics, essentially, is service. Anybody who goes about intimidating, fighting and inflicting injuries on other people in the name of politics has betrayed the real meaning of politics. 

He or she is guilty and must be made to face the law no matter his or her connection to people in high places.

“I am alarmed at the height many would go in the name of politics. But it is understandable because these desperate people in politics who are ready to do just anything to circumvent the wishes of the electorate have something to hide. And power for them means free cash and influence and they are scared to lose out.

“That is why they import thugs to rallies without scruples. The same reason they also impose unpopular candidates without any form of popularity test or consultation with their members.

“I am confident that collectively, we can chase away these adventurers in politics that care only for themselves and their families. For me, the time is now, given the level of awareness and the man-made hardship that people are currently experiencing due to lack of vision and empathy for the vulnerable.  

“No matter how dark a night may be, surely light comes in the morning. But as we prepare for this dawn, we must play our part as citizens. Where ever we find ourselves, let us preach this gospel of freedom and democracy which my party and I represent. That is the only way to bring about this new dawn that we all seek”. 

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