Those still supporting Buhari should be ashamed – Ekiti PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential Campaign Council in
Ekiti State has said that if not for lack of conscience, those still supporting the re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari will go to bed last night, covering themselves with blanket of shame after seeing the
President’s scandalous performance on NTA programme, The Candidates.

The State Campaign Council’s Director of Media and Publicity, Lere Olayinka, in a statement on Thursday morning, said “almost allnquestions had to be interpreted to the President while he talked off-point throughout; answering no question appropriately to the extent that Vice President Yemi Osinbajo became so embarrassed and agitated that he tried to help him answer questions that was asked

“It was so terrible that the moderator had to tell the Vice President to allow President Buhari to talk for himself.”

Olayinka, who said it was sad that those promoting the President knew even in 2015 that he lacked both mental and physical capacity to run a local council let alone a country of over 200 million people
lamented that “the only reason the cabal running the country  wants him to remain in office is to guarantee their 2023 presidential
ambition and access to the national treasury.”

He challenged those still supporting the President’s second term bid to in all honesty tell Nigerians why the same Buhari that they saw on NTA last night should continue as president.

“They should tell Nigerians how a man who could not comprehend anything on that live programme except when it had to do with
promoting nepotism should keep running the affairs of Nigeria.

“In saner climes, after his disastrous performance on The Candidates last night, President Buhari’s will be asked to go home and rest. But because they are selfish and wicked, they will pretend that the NTA
programme never happened just as they pretended in 2015 when the President was calling APC ‘All Progressives Confidence’, ‘INEC Independent Nigeria Electoral Commission’, Osinbajo ‘Osunbade’ and Imo
State ‘Ibo’ State.

“They also saw him in 2015 when he was talking about Deutsche Mark that was last spent in Europe in 1999 as currency being used in Germany, referring to Angela Merkel as President Michelle and Germany
as West Germany. But they will never mind the international embarrassment that he has become as long as their hold on power is
sustained and their 2023 presidential ambition is guaranteed.”

While saying that the President has never hidden his support for corrupt elements in his party, Olayinka said; “To further demonstrate
the hypocrisy in his so-called fight against corruption, when asked about the Kano State Governor, Ganduje’s bribery scam, President
Buhari responded by saying; “Hopefully, by the time I go to Kano for my campaign, I will have the information,” but at the same time tried to discredit the video exposing the bribery scandal.

He said; “Nigerians, especially the people of Ekiti should take their time to see the video of The Candidates edition of yesterday and
challenge anyone coming to preach reelection of the president to them if they will hand the running of their personal business to someone who has proved to be unconscious of happenings around him.”

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