Declare your assets now, group tells AG CJN

Against the insinuation that N2.5billion was in the account of the acting Chief Justice of Nigeria, Tanko Mohammed, a group has challenged him to make his assets public.

In a statement signed by AFRICMIL’s coordinator, Chido Onumah, the group said its request was brought pursuant to sections of the 1999 Constitution and the Freedom of Information Act.

“Subject to the provisions of paragraph 11, Part 1 of the Fifth Schedule to the 1999 Constitution as amended, which states that: every public officer shall within three months of the coming into force of this Code of Conduct and immediately after taking office and thereafter – (a) at the end of the every four years; and (b) at the end of his term of office, submit to the Code of Conduct Bureau a written declaration of all his properties, assets, and liabilities and those of his unmarried children under the age of eighteen years,” the statement said.

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