NIM, Third Force align with new Orange (Otoge) Movement to challenge falsified votes by INEC

Press release

….. Put third force parties and allies on red alert for nationwide mass action and vigilance 

…..Endorse Agbakoba as National Leader 

Consequent upon the incontrovertible evidences of falsification of results and manipulations of votes in the just concluded Presidential and national assembly elections in Nigeria, the leadership of the “third force” under the broad banner of Nigeria Intervention Movement NIM , is compelled at this critical stage to call out all our forces and allies to challenge and protest the sinister and glaring collusion by State operatives, INEC Collation Officers and influential State/political forces to defraud the Nigerian peoples 

From the reports of our allied field Vigilantes, credible news media and some INEC officials, it is abundantly clear that there was a strategic collusion among state agents, political gladiators and some unscrupulous officials of INEC to subvert the will of the electorate by manipulating, doctoring, concorting, manufacturing and allocating imaginary votes and figures parties contrary to the actual votes cast in the various constituencies where elections were held or even were not held during the Presiden elections in Nigeria 

It is also quite worrisome to note that by the pattern of votes allocations and contortions of figures in the elections have been very ridiculous in most cases; as parties without any presence and serious membership but sympathetic to the ruling government in most states have been allocated votes higher than established third force parties with visible structures and membership, which were viciously allotted zero vote

We find this unwholesome concortion of figures in most of the results announced by INEC as a vicious conspiracy to undermine the prospects and legitimacy of the third force in Nigeria as contrived by state agents, politicians in power and INEC officials to the extent that parties and Presidential Candidates, who have already dropped out of the Presidential race to endorse one of the two dominant Presidential Candidates like ACPN, APDA, PCP, APA, SDP among others even got higher allocated votes than third force parties like AAC, PT, YPP ANNetc which in actual fact mobilised their party’s structures for the Presidential elections till the last day. What an embarrassing irony!

Furthermore, the situation Room of our ally, Alliance  for Defence of Democracy ADD noted that some Boko Haram and Criminal Banditary ravaged States like Borno, Zamfara and Yobe were declared strangely by INEC to have recorded higher voters turn out more than relatively peaceful states like Lagos, Oyo etc  with higher registered voters. This has also raised suspicion and made mockery of the results announced by INEC for the 2019 elections, such that we of the third force movement in alliance with other patriotic political fronts such as the new Orange Movement is compelled to resist and confront the foisting of falsified results in the 2019 elections with serious political action and mass protests in the succeeding days

Therefore in the light of the well contrived conspiracy of State agents and INEC against the new breed, third force parties, we hereby announce our unflinching resolve to commence a nationwide mobilisation with an emergent National Orange (Otoge) Movement being currently led by Olisa Agbakoba SAN for the purpose of strongly neutralising the dastardly malpractices of the Nigerian ruling class and therefore direct all freshbreed, third force political parties and movements to be on red alert for a nationwide mass action to protest the ongoing electoral process which already compromised and thus lost every credibility to achieve the raison detre for which the 2019 elections was conducted and we can not continue to legitimise a blatantly compromised electoral process 


  1. In Nasarawa State for instance, there is a clear discrepancy in the Presidential Result announced by Prof Azubuike as stated below:
    Registered voters: 1,401,895
    Accredited voters: 489,482
    Valid votes: 580,778
    Rejected votes: 18,621
    Total votes cast: 599,399
    Party Scores:
    APC – 289,903
    PDP – 283,847, in which case APC+PDP votes alone without adding that of the third force parties is 573,750

So, how come the total votes cast is here higher than the total number of Accredited voters since accreditation and voting by INEC guidelines happened simultaneously 

  1. Again, in Oyo North Senatorial district, Agents of Hon Mulikat Akande -Adeola, Senatorial Candidate of the PDP, under Oyo North Senatorial District sent a strong report to our Situation Room that the Senatorial election was marred with a lot of manipulations of results , violence and non-adherance to the electoral law and guidelines issued by INEC with serious evidences that APC results were falsified particularly at Iseyin and Saki west local government areas of the Senatorial District and the Returning officers did the bidding of the APC and prevented some of their collation agents from participating in the collation excersise e.g at Saki west and Iseyin local governments.  

The election was fraught with a lot of irregularities that eventually aided APC to be falsely declared as the winner of the election

  1. There was also pathetic recorded confession of a Youth Corper, Perpectual Ndidi, who served as Presiding Officer of a Polling Unit in one of the Northern States was that electoral officials in her area of assignment were subjected to heavy terror and duress by State and political agents “Nothing like card reader, PVC and the rest. They’ll just bring figures and ask you to sign, stamp and give them ballot papers to thumbprint. We didn’t even bring out our card readers. The total number of voters in my polling unit is 1220. These people gave APC 1000 votes, PDP 200 and APGA 20. That’s how APC won.So that was how elections were being conducted in this place”

“At some point, agents were signing, stamping and thumbprinting ballot papers at once. We didn’t see even one voters card. When we got back, we were so happy the result would be cancelled because we were told during the training that manual voting isn’t valid. To our greatest surprise, INEC didn’t even request for our card readers. They didn’t even ask us how the election went. They didn’t even check the signatures on the ballot papers. They didn’t even ask why we had so many mistakes on our result sheets. They just copied the figures and asked us to go home. INEC is a very big scam. Nigeria needs God’s intervention.” Ndidi stated 

  1. Lastly, the case of blatant  inflation of votes and falsfied figures in Ogun East Senatorial elections which led to the senatorial elections being declared inconclusive leaves much to be desired about the charade and sham elections conducted by INEC. From the record of our field Vigilantes in Ogun State about five thousand votes were systenatically deducted from one of the leading third force Senatorial candidates in the Ogun East elections, while that of some other candidates of the dominant parties were inflated. 

However, 3 days after the election was declared inconclusive by the Senatorial Returning Officer, some unscrupulous politicians and state agents went behind the scene to connive with the Resident Electoral Commissioner in Ogun to clandestinely declare the APC Candidate as winner. 

Mr Debo Adeniyi 
Director, Media and Publicity
Nigeria Intervention Movement NIM 

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