#OurMumuDonDo: Charly Boy Has Compromised, Adeyanju Alleges

The convener of Concerned Nigerians, Deji Adeyanju, has withdrawn from the Charly Boy led “Our Mumu Don Do “, saying he has no confidence anymore in the leadership of the group.

He disclosed this on Wednesday in an sms sent to an online portal, Saharareporters.

He wrote, “Dear Nigerians, I have resigned my membership of Our Mumu Don Do. I no longer have confidence in the leader of the movement, Charly Boy. He betrayed the cause while I was away in prison and compromised with the oppressors. Thank you.”

Adeyanju, who is very critical of the Muhammadu Buhari administration, however, did not give further information on the matter.

Adeyanju , who was detained for over two months in Kano was released recently.

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