TUC Condemns Bayelsa’s Assembly life pension bill Says, it’s Height of impunity

We have read with indignation and outright betrayal the move by the Bayelsa State House of Assembly to place the state governor, deputy governor and the House of Assembly members on life pension. This new bill would repeal the existing pensions for governor and deputy governor law of 2003 if passed. 
The TUC sees this development as an insult and a deliberate attempt to widen the scope of fraudent activities by politicians in the state. Such obnoxious and self-centered bill started with some states years ago unfortunately the number is increasing. This is peak of irresponsibility that cannot be allowed to persist whether the bill is given expedited passage on the floor of the House or not. 
Last week we read in the dailies that Nigeria is owing almost N24 trillion. Also, if we go by the statement of the Federal Government recently they may still borrow more. It is ridiculous to borrow for recurrent expenditure. Who has bewitched our politicians that they hardly get anything right? How could they come up with such at a time the retirees who have served the country for 35 years are dying at verification centres? Many of them cannot even afford drugs to take care of their age related sicknesses. Yet politicians who served for just four years are placing themselves on life pension. It is obvious there is no milk of kindness left in these people. 
We are calling on the Bayelsa state legislature and states nursing such idea to drop it as we shall not leave any stone unturned in our fight for good governance and accountability, forthwith. It is disgraceful that our country has become a laughing stock in the international community because of things like this. We must change the narrative.
Comrade Bobboi Bala KaigamaPresident, TUC
Comrade (Barr.) Musa-Lawal Ozidi, mniSecretary General, TUC

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