Beware! Fake Lonart In Circulation-Investigation

The general public is advised to carry out due diligence before taking any lonart, a drug usually prescribed for malaria, as it’s fake are now in circulation.

A concerned citizen who bought lonart on Wednesday said:

“To the general public, don’t take lonart unless u check the pin and confirm its original…

“I bought this one on Wednesday, as I was about to take it…

“I felt like I should just check the pin, wen I scratched and sent the pin to the code written on it, I discovered that it was fake,

“So I downloaded lonart apps on my phone and entered The pin to confirm well ,

“It shows that the pin on This particular pack was first used in 2014 , and the number that used it written on the reply message…

“So I took the drug back to the pharmacy, den we opened the complete package, and to my surprise, all the sachet has the same pin number….

“As u can see in the picture below!!

“We took the drugs to the lab, we discovered that it contains chemical that causes blood cancer…

“The owner of the pharmacy said he bought the whole carton from a pharmaceutical company in Onitsha!!!

“This drugs has gone into many homes ….leaves dangerous chemicals on the body and the blood of everyone who must have swallowed it…. May God help us all, share to save a life.”

The National Administration of Food, Drug and Control, NAFDAC , and Standard Orgnisation of Nigeria, SON, and other agencies responsible for quality control should take note.

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