Why Vice President Osinbajo is after Me-Adoke

Former Attorney – General and Minster of Justice , Mr Mohammed Adoke, has explained why the Vice President Prof Yemi Osinbajo is not happy with him.

Adoke in an interview granted an online publication, Premium Times, said he fell out of favour with Prof Osinbajo after he disclosed that he ( Osinbajo) was paid directly by Pfizer when he represented federal government in a case involving the pharmaceuticals company and Nigeria in an interview he granted to correct some erroneous impression about the decision he(Adoke) took as the Minister of Justice from Hague.

The former Minister said: “We recovered so much money. From Siemens €50 million was recovered. 

“All the money went to the federal government account. Because I refused them to control this case, notwithstanding that they are the ones coordinating, they were not happy. After we left office they started saying why should I say Halliburton should pay the lawyers’ fees directly. I did that to avoid allegations that we dished put government money. 

“So, when EFCC came up with it I granted an interview from the Hague and I said this was the same model that was used in Pfizer case and one of the lawyers in that case was the vice president himself. He was the lawyer to the federal government and this was how they were paid, so there was a precedence. The man went livid. He was angry that I mentioned his name as one of the lawyers. But I didn’t mention him in bad faith or to discredit him. I only mentioned him to cite precedence. He was attorney general of a state, I was thinking he would use his position to clarify things as established legal precedence.

“I used to see him as a friend and he is the vice-president of Nigeria, I respect him. I have nothing against him, but apparently, he has one or two things against me, as I have gathered. I don’t know why. I can only harness a guess as I told you.” He said.

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