The leaders of our great party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Oriade/Obokun Federal Constituency have received news of the PDP National Working Committee‘s  suspension of Hon. Wole Oke, member representing Oriade/Obokun, at the House of Representatives with great dissatisfaction and surprise. 

Hon. Wole Oke epitomizes the common aspiration of not just our party members but all well-meaning constituents in Oriade/Obokun. He has served in his current capacity with great dedication and spirit, severally being crucial to the party ‘s stoic rebound and successes at the local and state level in Osun state.

The news of his suspension is greeted with much dissatisfaction even with due deference to the decision of the national body of the PDP. We must not fail to register our displeasure with it, however, as it is indeed a needless distraction from the dividends of democracy our good people and party continue to reap through the office and person of Hon. Wole Oke. 

Let it be abundantly clear that our party is not a congregation of mindless members. We, henceforth, reserve the right to disagree with the decision that has been reached and executed against our amiable member of the House of Representatives, and hope that reconciliatory options are explored to immediately. 

Our faith and trust in the good intentions of Hon. Wole Oke remains undaunted and unshaken. He has long demonstrated a strong resolve and impeachable loyalty to the PDP in words and actions. He is an honorable man serving in an honorable capacity steadfastly defending the cause of the party at state and federal level. Any infractions, in the judgement of the party’s NWC, must be viewed under the lenses of his honesty and good intentions. 

Hon. Wole Oke will continue to enjoy our unreserved support and encouragement as he leverages on his commendable antecedents in the Green Chamber. His quality representation of Oriade/Obokun and his stellar leadership are points that should not be overlooked in a hurry as it would be an injustice to a devotee party man who has always put his own interests second to that of party and people. 

We therefore use this means to declare our solid support for Hon. Wole Oke even as we hope that this infraction within the party at the national level is merely for a moment and would be resolved satisfactorily with urgent alacrity. 

We call on all party members in Oriade/Obokun Federal Constituency, and indeed our state and national members, not to despair nor reach the conclusion that our party is in disarray as nothing could be further from the truth. Minor conflicts of this nature create a room for common resolution. Let this be an opportunity to align all interests and not drive a wedge amongst party members. 

Having conceded that the NWC reserves the right to act on its conviction even if expressed against the wish of the people as with this issue, I call on the party leaders at the federal level to take into consideration the reservations of its members in Oriade/Obokun and Osun state as a whole.  Our choice of Hon. Wole Oke is not an electoral fluke but is in fact a reflection of our confidence in him which remains unshaken till now. 

We call on the National Working Committee of the PDP to reconsider and reverse its decision as only that would best serve the interest of the party, its members and the good people of Oriade/Obokun and Osun state in general. Let peace and love lead, while we exercise power with caution which will best serve party interest. 


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    298608 303628Wonderful artical, I unfortunately had some difficulties printing this artcle out, The print formating looks slightly screwed over, something you might want to look into. 817483

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