CSR:Next Micro Finance, Wastebuzz initiate community dev project

 Next Micro Finance is collaborating with Wastebuzz Recycling to organize  a street clean up at Ilaje Bus Stop, Mobile Estate Road, Before Ajah Bridge, on Saturday August 3rd 2019 between 7AM and 12PM.

The two organizations have come together as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, in their efforts to promote sustainable development and give back to the communities in which they operate.

Next Micro finance is a microfinance institution that aims to provide financial inclusion by providing access to financial services to the underserved and unbanked spanning from Nigeria to the rest of Africa.

“Every time you save with us, you help contribute to a fund that assists us tackle the pollution of our waterways caused by improper disposal of wastes, especially plastic wastes” says Segun Sodimu, Managing Director at Next Micro Finance.

Wastebuzz Recycling is dedicated to making an impact on the climate crises around the world, from this side of the world. Wastebuzz is known for their CSR and have organized other clean ups in the past.

Ola Seriki, Managing Director at Wastebuzz says, “Simply disposing of plastic wastes in the dustbin isn’t good enough. It is essential to see to it that it gets recycled. Doing this inevitably helps reduce the amount of plastic that end up on our streets, clogging our gutters and drainages, and in the ocean.”

The organizers say there will be light refreshments to our volunteers after the cleanup, adding that everyone in the Ilaje community is admonished to join in this social effort to keep our communities clean.

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