Desmond Elliot backs call for state police

Tasks Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Agency on Security 

Lagos lawmaker, Hon Desmond Elliot, Tuesday evening made a critical appraisal of the Nigerian Security System and concluded that a state police was inevitable. 

” I am praying to God that the weight of this security problem will not be too much on the Federal Police. We need the states to handle security issues. We also need to collaborate with the Federal Police “

The well-known actor spoke at a meeting of critical stakeholders in Surulere. 

He urged the Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Agency to provide the necessary driving force for the security of the state.

“We need the Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Agency. It is our own state police for now. The agency should be involved in what is going on”

Particularly,  the Lagos lawmaker proposed a quarterly security meeting among community development associations, the police and other security organisations in Surulere Local Government Area.

“The security meeting is very important. We need to do it periodically. We can meet to brainstorm and know what to do. I am hoping that we would be able to do it among community development associations, the police and other security organisations quarterly”

The representative of Surulere Constituency 1 in the Lagos State House of Assembly said efforts were being made by the present government  to revitalise the street light in Lagos State”

“Street light is already in the report of the meeting we had last week. It is in the report in the Lagos State House of Assembly that we should revitalize the street light. I invited the General Manager of Electricity Board. The truth is that in the last few months,  the contractors that are saddled with the responsibility of taking care of the street light have not been paid. That is why our street light, not only here but all over Lagos State,  is not working”

He complained about violent crime in the local government area. 

“I will not say the street light is not working, security issues should be thrown away. A lot of people have been wounded,  hospitalised. Before they turn this place to a lion den, we need to nip it in the bud. The robbery, killing and beating must stop. We really need that to happen. We must do something. I am glad the police are our friends and we also want to be friends to the police.  We are ready. We are prepared to address your concerns and challenges. We are not saying we can do everything. We can do something as a community “

Desmond Elliot also spoke on vigilante, black spots and patrol.

“We need vigilante. I count this area to be Government Reserved Area (GRA) of Surulere and I do not mean it in anyway to make fun. Every locality has its GRA. This is our GRA. When our GRA is in crisis, it pinpoints to serious problem. We need interpersonal relationship with the police. I think it is important that you let the police know the black spots. The police cannot work without information. It is we that can give them information ” he added.

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