Breach of Contract: Early Bird writes Neimeth Pharmaceuticals Managing Director, Obi Azoji, demands payment

Victor Mathias

A crisis of confidence is brewing in the Neimeth Pharmaceuticals over an LPO given to the Early Bird, a graphic design company, which the Pharmaceuticals company has refused to keep to its own side of the bargain.

According to a letter of complaint sent to the managing director of the Neimeth Pharmaceuticals, Mr. Mathew Obi Azoji, a copy of which was sighted by Newsnow. On August 14,2019, Early Bird was given a N2million LPO to print 10,000 copies of NCP jotter pad @ N180 only per copy and 20,000 NCP flyers @ N10 per copy. While the total amount due for payment on the jotter pads was N1,800,00, the amount payable for the 20,000 flyers totaled 200,000,00. The total amount is N2,000,000,00 naira only. The printing materials was to be delivered on September 14,2019. The materials were delivered on August 26. And after taking delivery, the marketing manager, Mr. Femi Ajala, said they would be paid in two weeks contrary to the LPO that it will be cash on delivery because Early Bird was supposed to do another job for Neimeth Pharmaceuticals. Mr. Ajala, we gathered told the Management of Early Bird that the cheque for payment was already on the table of the managing director for final approval. It was thereafter that Mr. Ajala said they have spotted some errors that should be corrected before the payment will be made.

Early Bird, according to the letter of complaint written to the managing director said the marketing manager, Mr. Femi Ajala, instead of taking responsibility for the errors on the format/sample he gave to them to print, he resorted to twisting the facts and told them to go and reprint and bear the cost, even when Neimeth Pharmaceuticals has not paid for the job delivered. After many days of back and forth without resolution, Early Bird on October 7 wrote a letter of complaint to the managing director, Mr. Obi Azoji, urging him to intervene and pay the N2million and the N400,000,00 outstanding which Neimeth has been owing for more than two years now, the managing director neither acknowledge nor intervene in the matter, fueling speculation that Neimeth may want to use its influence to undermine Early Bird and ride roughshod on the Printing Company.

Attempts by Newsnow to get the Neimeth Pharmaceuticals side of the story as at the time of filling this report was unsuccessful.

Below is the bromide of the transactions

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