Right Of Reply Chizy Enyi Replies Abe On His Futile And Unsuccessful Attempt To Rewrite The History Of Rivers APC Crisis

It is very unfortunate that Sen. Magnus Abe will still resort to his usual media blackmail against the person of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, the Minister for Transportation, who has done and is still doing so much for him and other Nigerians, all in an attempt to embarrass and malign him before the public. An effort which is already fruitless as Nigerians are aware of his antics and stock in trade.

I m not holding brief for Amaechi, but as a stakeholder in APC who know how it all started, I wish to state categorically clear, that everything Abe said on the above subject matter are lies fabricated from the pit of hell. No wonder his people sees him as an inveterate, incorrigible and a serial liar who can stop at nothing in defaming others. I know that very soon, he will meet his waterloo and will stop lying and deceiving the public.

Abe’s claim that the origin of APC crisis in Rivers State was as a result of Amaechi’s efforts to expell him and his supporters without verifiable facts, can not be substantiated, an obvious open lies against his own conscience which will continue to judge him till eternity. Is Amaechi the sole owner of APC? No.  Can Amaechi expell Abe? No. Has Abe and his few supporters been expelled from APC since then till date in Rivers State? No. So why all the unending lies from Abe?

Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi’s crime against Abe was that he suggested and pleaded with party members who has political ambition to hold on from having camps pending when the party is properly built arising from the shock and death of its members which was caused by the election that took place then where over 500 APC youths in Rivers State were killed. All others against agreed, except the over ambitious Sen. Abe

Sen. Abe’s claim that it was Amaechi who threatened and truly DESTROYED Rivers APC, is what even in his innermost heart, he can not believe himself. The same Abe accepted that Ibrahim Umar and 22 others are his supporters and it was as a result of their litigation against APC that made the party not to be on the ballot papers in the 2019 general election which has kept us like where we are. What then is called “DESTRUCTION”? If a political party could not fill in candidates for election which is the major essence of a political party to get political power arising from from litigation against the party by the supporters of a particular candidate, that party is DESTROYED ALREADY. It is obvious, that the actions of Ibrahim Umar and 22 others in collaboration with Abe romancing with Wike to undue Amaechi, because of his over ambitious nature, led to the destruction of APC in Rivers State. No doubt whatsoever.

Sen. Abe’s over ambitiousness to become governor of Rivers State, is likened to that of MACBETH IN WILLIAM SHAKESPEARES. Macbeth’s over ambition to become King, led him into killing King Duncan and Banquo and he became the King. Until he died, Macbeth never had peace and rest of mind. Sen. Abe will never have peace and rest of mind because he DESTROYED APC IN RIVERS STATE. Sen. Abe can not claim that he was painted black by Sir Lucky Worluh and Chief Chukwuemeka Eze because Sen. Abe himself is BLACK and beyond that, as a dangerous person, he is RED.

I have read through the vanguard publication dated 21st Sept, 2019 by Sir Lucky Worluh and there was no place it was stated that Sen. Abe and Vice President Yemi Osibanjo wanted to kill President Buhari as he claims. This is indeed mischievous. Security agencies should please take note of this allegation and swing into action to unravel the truth. No wonder he quickly rushed to Channels TV to defend the Vice President on the baseless allegations of fraud by Timi Frank. All in an attempt to get the attention of the Vice President to further support his inordinate ambition of becoming Governor of Rivers State come 2023.

As a Lawyer, I am still surprised on the noise about the libel suit against Sir Lucky Worluh and Chief Chukwuemeka Eze. I m aware that the duo has not been served and have no information about the libel suit. Is Abe serving them through press release which is not an order of court or does he want people to be afraid of him on threat of libel suit. This Abe eh.

Sen. Abe’s claim that his libel suit against Sir Lucky Worluh and Chief Chukwuemeka Eze is predicated on the ground that he does not want to lose his integrity and reputation, the question now is where is Abe’s integrity and reputation before Nigerians? I leave the unanswered question above to the public. 

I, hereby, urge the public to disregard all the lies of Abe which has become his stock in trade as his antics in deceiving the public is no longer effective.

Chizy Enyi Esq, 

President General, 

Initiative for Transparent Strategy and Good Leadership.

6th Nov. 2019

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