CACOL Partners Security Agencies To Tackle Corruption

The Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership, CACOL, has reinforced its anti-corruption campaign to the security and paramilitary agencies in Lagos state, with the aim of curbing corruption in Nigeria’s political processes, by having an interactive session that cut across the diverse services at Presken Hotel.

In a release issued by its Media and Publications Officer, on behalf of the Executive Chairman of the Centre, Debo Adeniran, he stated, “this anti-corruption campaign has been in existence for a long time, we discovered that many agencies that have been projecting this campaign have only been targeting the elites and not the grassroots and the middle class. In CACOL, we did a paradigm shift from the elite to the grassroots to bring the advocacy and enlightenment campaign to the grassroots who serve as the primary victims of corruption in our society”.

However, there are representatives from notable agencies and personnel present at the event are; Federal Road Safety Corp (FRSC), Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), Nigeria Police Force (NPF), Media representatives, also we have dignitaries on the high table, which are Comrade Debo Adeniran, Comrade Adeola Soetan, Mrs. Joke Fekumo facilitator and others. Mr. Adeniran added, “This Programme is aimed at sensitizing the government agencies and the society on what transparency is about. He explained that the programme is not meant for government officials alone, we are extending it to schools, where we will be privilege to convey our message to the younger generation and the teacher on how to shun, shame, nail and prosecute corruption and report to the necessary agencies.”

He added that the society needs strong personality and institution in order to salvage the country from the devastating effects of corruption.

Mr. Adeniran urged the government officials to stop making things difficult for the citizens who want to abide by the law and regulations of the country by making right things difficult and the wrong things easy, a situation he surmised is primarily responsible for what lead people to commit most of everyday corruption crimes. All this has further confirmed our fear and suspicion that, as conscience of the nation, the civil society (of which the Media is an integral part) cannot and must not vacate the fight for eliminating the scary ogre of corruption from our social space or at least, reduce it to the barest minimum.  In CACOL our ideology is to ensure that civil society Organization intervenes in the service of the security agencies, so that corruption would be totally eradicated.

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