Hate Speech Bill: Ogun Monarch Canvasses Scrapping of Senate …says it has overstayed its usefulness …..explains his concept of annual praise night

The Onibudo of Ayetoro-Budo, Ogun State , His Royal Highness, Oba Adewunmi Adeniji Odutola,has joined the Chairman of Nigerian Governors Forum and Governor of Ekiti State, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, former governor of Lagos state, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to call for the scrapping of the Senate , adding that the upper chamber has outlived its usefulness.

Speaking at his Palace on Monday in an interview with selected media on the forthcoming annual praise night, the revered monarch said instead of the senate to come up with laws that would ameliorate the suffering of the masses, they want to enact law on hate speech that could be dealt with through filling an action on sedition or libel, depending on how the offense(s) was committed either spoken words or published materials.

Oba Odutola  wondered why the senators are not interested in passing law to make stealing of public funds a capital punishment and want hate speech to carry death penalty.

He, however, said the House of Representatives was enough to make laws and oversight functions which both chambers presently handled.

“ Senegal has returned to unicameral legislature. Must we copy everything from the US where we copied the presidential system from? Can’t we adapt our own legislature to suit the present socio economic reality that is starring us in the face?” He asked.

“Instead of the Senate to come up with laws to create the enabling environment for business to thrive- to make laws that will ameliorate the suffering of our people, they want to make hate speech a capital offense. It’s because they are alienated from the masses of our people, otherwise, if they are close to them and feel their pulse rate regularly, they would have known where the shoes pinches.” He said.

Speaking on his annual praise night, Oba Odutola said it  was a covenant between him and God.

“ The only festival that we have in Ayetoro-Budo is to praise God every year. I wish I could do it more than once in a year, but it requires huge amount of money. God asked me to do certain things and that if I fulfilled my own part, He would help me in a certain areas. And God has been faithful,” he said.

With the title, “ Emmanuel, God is with us,” Oba Odutola said the fourth edition of the praise night which comes up on Friday 13 December,2019, at the Onibudo Palace will feature so many Gospel artistes such as Paul Friday aka Omo Abule, DEWOLEY, Ambassador Adegbite, Atabatubu, and Elijah Daniel.

Others are Aduke Gold, Deborah Ajayi, Tolu Davies and African Praise Apostle. Ministering in the Word is Apostle D O Ayeni. The red carpet will begins from 8.30pm and ends by 9.30pm, while the All night praise will begins from 10.00pm till dawn.

The revered monarch said he embraced God at the early stage of his life because his father who was the last Baale before the Stool was upgraded to full Oba by the previous administration was a born again Christian who worshipped God in Spirit and Truth while alive.

“ As a matter of fact, God used my late father, High Chief Paul Abiodun Adeniji was a preacher. God used him to destroy the idols we used to worship in our family. We worship Obatala and Sango here before , but my father abolished it and started the message of Christ. That’s not to say I’m against anyone’s faith in my town-No, everyone is free to practice his faith without let or hindrance. What you believe in is a personal thing.

“In fact, when they want to do their thing they come here and I will give them money as support,  but I also use the opportunity to preach Christ to them. During the Ramadan period , I will fast and pray with them. I also ensure that I organize for them to break their fast here.

“We also organise Ramadan lecture here during the Ramadan.” He said.

Oba Odutola said the topmost priority of his people is the road which is in deplorable condition and would want the state government to also considered it a top priority.

On security, drawing inference from Zamfara where the Governor Ibrahim Matawale after sacking some Emirs enjoyed relative peace compared to what it used to be, explained that if a monarch is opposed to crime and criminality, it will be difficult for the bandits to have a foothold and operate freely in the community.

“ I know that since we are in a boundary between Lagos and Ogun state, chances are that some criminals from Lagos state may want to use this area. And again, because of the river here which stretches to the Atlantic Ocean, I have to meet with the Inspector General of Police for police protection for my people and he has graciously approved an X-Squad of Mobile Police here. I will soon complete their barracks to make them comfortable for optimum performance.” He said.

The youths of Ayetoro-Budo are not left out of Oba Odutola’s slender arms full of kindness. Hear him, “ I know that an idle hand is a devils workshop, so I have a foundation taking care of the youths. We pay for NECO/GCE and JAMB and also organise coaching for them. I also have some students in higher institutions that are on my sponsorship. And those who want to learn trade or train to be carpenters , bricklayers, etc are encouraged to do so, but the challenge is the funds. Because people come with a lot of demands that you can not meet up with everything.”

As for the widows, the monarch said that has become a must for him to take care of them despite the fact that they keep increasing every year.

Oba Odutola who said he is trying his best to convince those who have the erroneous beliefs that traditional institution is associated with fetish things and paganism, especially his fellow Obas, said he would organize a forum where all these issues would be discussed.

He is of the opinion that the traditional institution being a sacred one should be accorded the respect it deserves. “ It is God that makes King”. He said.

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