Christmas, New Year Celebration: Join Us In A Read More Campaign-Prof Kila

The Director of Centre for International Advanced and Professional Studies, Prof Tony Kila, has admonished Nigerians to make this year Christmas and New Year celebration a memorable one by adding a book to all the hampers and gifts to our acquaintances and loved ones.

In a statement issued to celebrate this year Yuletide with the catchy phrase, ‘let us cause some scandal starting from this season’, Prof Kila said we need to enhance our reading culture through a deliberate effort.

“In wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year this season, here is a thought: Join us in the Read More Campaign by adding a book to all the hampers or other gifts you give out. You can even include a link to an eBook in the eCard you send.

“In a world where outrage is the new norm and crazy is the new normal, you and I now have a chance to cause real scandal and have some fun this end of the year, so let us do it by putting a book in front of some people.

“This year, say merry Christmas and Happy New Year with a book.

“A gift is a thought, when we give people gifts, what we are really saying is “Hi, I thought of you” or “hello, here is what I think of you”.

“Contrary to what we think, humans are not the only ones to give gifts. Chimps, spiders, and kingfishers all share gifts with each other frequently.

“What better way to make our gift a notch higher than those of animals by making our gifts full of thoughts? And what is more thoughtful than a book?

“Luckily for us, books are like people and places, they are like clothes and views: there is one for everyone. Like people, some books are attractive, funny and easy going, others are not, some are popular and rich others are not.

“I am sure you know, but like most, we probably forget that with a book we can make people laugh or cry, think or act. We can make them love or fight.

“Think about it: There are books about food and fashion, love and wars, histories and stories, religion and tradition, politics and business. You can always find one for anyone.

“As we prepare our hampers or gift this year please have some fun: Think of the person you are about to send the gift to, think of something you want them to do or think, start or stop and then say it with a book.” The statement said.

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