Kidney Treatment: Borno Governor directs free dialysis, home-based transplant

Borno Governor, Prof. Babagana Umara has given a go ahead for free dialysis for those with kidney problem in the State. 

The Governor during a visit to the Kidney Dialysis Centre at the Borno State Specialist Hospital, Maiduguri on Tuesday instructed the Commissioner for Health, Dr Salisu Kwaya-Bura to put in place measures that will make the dialysis procedure free for patients. 

The governor said he was interested in reducing  pains faced by low income citizens and their families who pay N30,000 per session of dialysis. 

Umara, also directed the state’s ministry of science, technology and innovation to begin research into causes and possible cure for kidney disease. 

He asked that relevant stakeholders in health, education and water sectors and researchers should be brought togwther to identify, study and expand any existing research into the main cause (s) of kidney diseases that seem to be on rise in Borno State. 

He promised that his government is willing to  fully fund the research in the hope that findings and recommendations will guide in addressing the causes of rising kidney diseases rather that limiting focus on dialysis and other forms of treatment.

The Governor during his visit, witnessed the dialysis sessions being conducted by medical experts. 

He also empathized with patients and offered financial support to all of them undergoing the procedures. 

Commissioner of Health, Dr Salisu Kwaya-Bura, in company of Chief Medical Director ‎of the Hospitals Management Board and other medical experts conducted the Governor round the facilities and informed him that the centre has procured consumables to enable the continuation of the dialysis. 

The commissioner and other officials were subsequently ‎given a go ahead by the Governor to send indigenous medical doctors on specialized kidney management trainings and to identify reputatable health institutions, in Nigeria or abroad, and  to establish technical and specialized partnership that will enable kidney transplant in hospitals owned by the state. 

He said he is optimistic that the partnership will not only save lives but reduce dependence on foreign medical tourism and attract medical tourists to Borno State.

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