2020:PPC Chairman Greets Members …Calls For Reformation And Renewal

National chairman of Providence Peoples Congress, PPC, Mr. Benson Adetona, has admonished his  members to be more dedicated and committed to the ideals of the Party.

In a New Year message made available to Newsnow, Adetona urged members to work harder this year in order to fulfill the divine order of the PPC.

Speaking about the problems besetting the country, he said the time has come that all hands must be on deck to make Nigeria better than the previous year.

Below is the full text of his New Year Message.

From :The Chairman’s Desk New Year’s Message; 

Fellow Congress men/women, I wish to bless the God of heaven and earth on your account for been a part of this noble and divine assignment. I salute your faith and courage for standing against all odds in this days of great tribulation. 2019 is a year to not forget in our political history, for whatever it is worth we have learnt some lessons about politics in Nigeria. We must be poised to push in the direction that will give us a country we all will be proud of.

As you and I face 2020 many issues are facing us and I will enumerate a few of them here;

Insecurity is all over our country this is coming from sponsored terrorism,  ritual killers, kidnappers, rapists, scammers, and so on

Low level of response to the rule of law eking from robotic NASS, conquered judiciary and bought over labour and Trade Union Congress

Dispondent citizens on account of hunger and lack of Avenue to meet basic necessities of life

Poor social amenities and failing infrastructure resulting in hardship and low quality of life for the people

Frustration and hanger in the population leading to lethargy and hopelessness in majority of the citizens

These are few matters on the negative side, there are a few on the positive too

Local Government have started receiving direct disbursement from the federal government ,

Efforts to jail yesterday thieves is rising and may be on the increase in the year 2020

Boarder closure is opening opportunity for domestic consumption of homegrown food

Budget approval will be earnest than any time in the past

Fellow congressmen and women the above issues showed that the year would be good and evil hence we have a choice to make to be on the side of good or evil. I know that as people of faith we choose good and we have to act on the side of the good to make it happen, therefore,  it’s no longer going to be accepted that any officer of Congress would be inactive in the office they occupy, it is therefore important that all states been supervised by their NVCs should have all their structures fully in place by the latest date of 1st week of February down to the unit level any chairman that failed in this would have their status reviewed by the NWC the NVC s would be expected to give continuous feedback to DNCs and the DNCs would work closely with the NC.

All prayer structures must be in place to the unit level of the ward by the end of February. 

There would be state wide visits by some of NWC in the first quarter of the year to assess the condition of the Congress in the states. 

This is a year not to give excuse about what is not possible with God all things are possible. 

 We are counting on all congress members to rise up to build the kind of country we want.

It’s not going to be easy but we can bring down all the wall of evil that had stunted our growth and development. 

PPC internal democracy must be strong the Congress must be owned by masses remember no money bag though we need wealthy men that can contribute to the course of the Congress

No godfather, the will of the people must always count though we need counsel of elders with clear mind and who are patriotic

No rituals only prayers to the God of Heaven and Earth.

There is more to be said but here I want to welcome all of you to the year 2020 a year of double edge sword. It shall be glorious with us in the congress. 

PPC get it right … do it right!

National Chairman.

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