“Operation Amotekun” A Stolen Idea Without Proper Research and Strategic Planning: Condemned Northern Youth’s Lies Against OPC – Aare Oladotun Hassan, Esq., President, Yoruba Council of Youths Worldwide

Firstly, it is important to condemn the irrelevant and misguided opinions by one Comrade Isah Abubakar, President Northern Youth Council of Nigeria, whom before now is unknown and lacking the statutory locus and capacity to speak on behalf of the entire Northern Youths, however it must be clarified that the said NYCN group is bereaved with positive intellectual ideas that could better strengthen unity and progress of the nation, but rather on a wise goose chase of lies against the OPC, which by records is not a terrorist organization as compared to IPOB, nor the establishment of “Amotekun” is a military wing of OPC being one of the most loved socio-cultural and security group in Yoruba Land as well as other Yoruba vangaurd voices such as Agbekoya, Native Hunters and Olode, Vigilantes to mention a few are all legitimately recognized local security outfits since time immemorial, hence his premeditated tainted call should be jointly condemned by all Nigerians and discountenanced with by President Muhammadu Buhari and Office of the National Security Adviser.

We, therefore strongly appeal and recommend that all regions and states governments be supported and encouraged by President Buhari led federal government to support our Nation’s established security institutions and architectures with community policing strategic synergy and security  framework with locally recognized socio-security groups and individuals under what we called “National Joint Regional Security Network”, as compared to what we currently have in the Northeast region under the Civilian JTF/native Hunters fortified with arms to  fighting on the side of the Nigerian Army against the dreaded armed bandits terrorist group “Boko Haram” others are Hisbah groups in the Northern zones and Bakassi Boys in Eastern Zones to mention a few.  

In the same vein, it was indeed a great honour to salute the courage and vigor that preceded the launch of the Western Nigeria Security Network code named “Operation Amotekun” by the Governors of the Southwestern States in Ibadan, Oyo State on Thursday 9th January, 2020.

In view of the avoidable fears that greeted the public launch of the much awaited special security outfit which is billed to be a seamless voluntary security surveillance, information and intelligence gathering and sharing hub at the local communities and state levels across the entire Southwestern States.

However, the above background is far from the original idea behind the vision and establishment of the regional security outfit, which was affirmed by Aare Barr. Oladotun Hassan, President, Yoruba Council of Youths Worldwide; the apex Yoruba youth group in Yoruba Land and in Diaspora, alongside support from other leading Yoruba Youths groups led by Comrade Ishola Adejumo, President, Yoruba Youth Initiative For Peace and Development and others, that he drafted the proposal policy document which was submitted to all the Southwest Governors and the Development Agenda For Western Nigeria(DAWN) Commission’s  offices sometimes around 18th July,2019 with the Royal Support of His Imperial Majesty, Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, Ojaja 11, The Ooni of Ife, and a special recommendation letter from His Majesty, Aholu Menu Toyi 1, The Akran of Badagry was attached to the proposal submitted, as it was first launched by the Council on 27th June, 2019 Southwest Development, Peace and Security Summit held in Ibadan, Oyo State under the auspices of the “South West Joint Security Network  (SWJSN)” originally code named: “Operation Fo Ilu Mo”  (Operation Sweep Clean Our Land), preceding our seven days widely reported vacation  notice to all the dreaded Fulani and other Armed bandits terrorizing the Yoruba Land; based on their nefarious kidnappings on our highways, gruesome invasion of farms, wanton killings and rape of our women,  

Unfortunately, this idea was deceitfully converted and stolen without due consideration and appreciation acknowledgement of the brain behind the idea, the real philosophy and modus operandi of the operation. 

This is mostly rampant among our people in both private and  government establishments when you submit a unique proposal before you know it the idea will be implemented indiscriminately,  Hence, this is a serious matter bordering on theft of intellectual property.

We were confronted with profused surprise to see the idea rechristened without our knowledge and consent as Western Nigeria Security Network(WNSN) code named: “Operation Amotekun” as presented to the general public on 9th January, 2020 in Ibadan by Governors of the South Western States and orchestrated by the same DAWN Commission.

According to Aare Hassan he further said – For records, I personally texted the DG DAWN Commission,  Mr Seye Oyeleye on the unexpected incidence when i saw it in the media, and he delegated his P.A to call back wherein he admitted it was our idea but gave an excuse that it was only recommended to them by some persons. 

We have clear evidence of our acknowledged received copies of our proposal.

However, it must be cleared out that we are not in conflict with the establishment the Security outfits, but exclusively  concerned on the approach that generated unnecessary ripples from critical stakeholders in the security arena led by Aare Gani Adams, the Aare Onakankafo of Yoruba Land, and other organizations and individuals across Yoruba Land, more so on recruitment process and other necessary value added information on nitty-gritty of the security outfit, which on its own generated lots of aggravated fears even to the last minutes of the launch of the “Amotekun”.

Unfortunately, “Amotekun” meaning “Leopard” definition in itself represents evil, deciets and betrayal, different from ‘Lion’ description given to the Amotekun logo as misrepresented to the public.

Perhaps, abinitio the F’olumo vision crystallized the essence of creating synergy between our traditional established security groups such as OPC, Agbekoya, Hunters and Vigilantes and other collaborative efforts of interested individuals and organizations with the  government’s established security  institutions viz-a-viz: Nigeria Police Force, Nigerian Armed Forces and Nigerian Security Civil Defence Corps(NSCDC), with the authorized consent of the National Security Adviser(NSA), in collaboration with an established private Security consultancy outfits which is expected to serve as a starting regulatory point for administration, recruitments and identification/database assessment policy plan. and other strategic formulation structures; all these were dutifully analyzed in our policy paper such as: The  Establishment of A Central Security Control Centre and Digital Monitoring Rooms in all local communities, towns and highways in Yoruba Land through the Palaces of Baales and Royal Obas and key stakeholders individuals and leading yoruba groups across the length and breadth of the South Western Geo Political Zone and other adjoining localities. 

Also, as part of measures to ensure smooth and proper funding the operation which is meant to be supported by the Southwest Security Trust Funds  that will inevitably provide renumeration and proper provisions of training, purchase of advanced security gadgets and equipments, surveillance drones, special CUG phone lines, offiical vehicles and patrol vans, motorcycles and bicycles for volunteers and experienced  commandants from Ward/Local Government Area to the State levels to be headed by an experienced retired security personnels in collaboration with the government,  then the Operation F’olumo is interwoven with other states based on the networking capacities and capabilities of the spiritually and physically fortified groups with sole objective to secure, arrest criminals and hand them over to the police for onward prosecution, providing intelligence and surveillance services and information on dangerous black spots and criminal hideouts, most importantly to salvage any security breach by any terrorist  groups under whatsoever guise such as armed bandits, cultists and other criminals to mention a few.

This are vital parts of what the outfit is expected to be gravitated with, hence their is an urgent need for a joint review with critical stakeholders cum think-tank that will provide robust and continuous improvement on its master plan, most importantly to optimally achieve the desired results in the overall interests of all Nigerians domiciled in the Southwestern zone of Nigeria.

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