Mayegun: How Deserving of this Title is KWAM 1?

By Kayode Oladeji 

Organisation charts and fancy titles count for next to nothing – Collin Powell

To me, and I stand to be corrected, the craze for titles in our land is non-pareil when compared with what obtains in other climes. Our pursuit of vainglory has no match anywhere in the world.

Wasiu Ayinde, popularly called K1 de Ultimate or KWAM 1, is a leading fuji musician in Nigeria who has carved an enviable niche for himself  in that genre. His  fans base is large and cuts across the globe.He has won many accolades with different titles, both locally  and internationally.

However, his latest addition, Mayegun of Yorubaland, to me, calls for scrutiny. This is because it is a title that carries the name of an important and sophisticated race, the Yoruba.  The question, then, is: does  this Fuji musician deserve it? 

For a start, I have tried to interpret the word: Mayegun. The nearest meaning to me is: Unifier or Rallying  Point.

If this be the case, does K1 fit the bill to carry the title of Mayegun of a whole race, the Yoruba? What qualifies him above many Yoruba sons  and daughters who are more than qualify and without blemish?  

What did he do to merit it? How many lives has he touched? Has he unified  the race or further bifurcated it through his songs or music ? What are the set criteria for this title ? Is it an Oyo Alaafin’s affair alone or are other Yoruba Obas in the land in sync with Oba Lamidi Adeyemi on this? I say this because the title does not say Mayegun  of Oyo land; but rather Mayegun of Yoruba land. That’s really weighty!  

If these questions are properly dissected, then to me, Wasiu Ayinde is not qualified to hold the title. 

Before now, tongues had wagged about Wasiu’s desperation for a chieftancy title from the Alaafin. Sometime ago, this generated some ruckus. Even Alafin who conferred the title on Wasiu said he (KWAM 1) had begged for the title eleven years ago which he (Alaafin), turned him  down. Why did the royal father made a volte face?  Well,he claimed the gods have okayed it.  Hmmm…. 

 A cursory look at the profile of most of those he (KWAM 1) praise-sings, shows a litany of people who have led us as a nation, into the mess in which we have found ourselves .With this, I am not inferring that all his clients are fraudsters, corrupt or are into illicit businesses. Yeah, I know it is his job to praise-sing but if he is a social crusader as he claims to be, then not everyone that comes his way should be patronised. 

Again, Wasiu Ayinde belongs to a particular political party. There is really no harm about this, as he is eminently qualified to vote and be voted for as enshrined  in Nigeria’s Constitution 

Sadly, K1’s handshake in this regard (of partisan politics) often reaches beyond the elbows. He tries to be more Catholic than the Pope. He takes joy in abusing those in the opposition with glee. Sometime ago, he sang a song where he vituperated against Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, a former President and a Yoruba leader and elder, by all standards. Is this deserving of a Mayegun? 

You can never catch KWAM 1 sing or say anything against people like Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu or his associates. For Buhari’s second term bid, he dropped a song that went places.  With his avowed one-side tent in politics, how can he be Mayegun of a whole race? Or is the title bestowed on him for a fractional part of Yoruba which he believes in, and not everybody? 

In the Fuji music house where he is one of the leading lights and  which has  the likes of Osupa, Pasuma, Ayuba, Obesere among others, how much of unity is there? Is it not a House of Commotion divided  along Arabambi, Olufimo and Oga Nla cleavages? Have they not raised abuses and innuendoes to the highest crescent? Has this not attenuated the value of the genre?

What caught my fancy  was a piece I read where Alafin of Oyo, Oba Lamdi Adeyemi allegedly said Wasiu Ayinde, with the title of Mayegun, should never bow to any traditional ruler again. What a heck!

 If the Mayegun title is that important…, we should give it to a more deserving Yoruba son or daughter, whose credentials are  unassailable and have tangibly touched many lives.

This is because accolades, diadem, trophies, recognitions and awards, among others, are motivational stimuli for an individual/group of people, being  rewards for his/her/their contributions to the upliftment of the society in general.

 In saner climes, these are done without religious, tribal or political sentiments. 

In fact , these awards can be withdrawn if anything awry  is discovered against the honorarees later.

Unfortunately  in Nigeria, that is always not the case. 

Checking through the halls of fame of those we give awards/honours to, they are people who have bled us to the marrow, those who have milked us dry; the ones who have left us in perpetual throes of pains and anguish, those who have succeeded in keeping us at the obscure corner of history.

These are the ones we hail and celebrate to the high heavens.

I raise the poser again: Does Wasiu Ayinde deserve to be  the Mayegun of Yorubaland?

Our own Baaroyin, Tunde Busari, over to you.

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