Partners Against Cervical Cancer:Chain Reactions, St. Ives Hospital Set To Launch #SmearMyWoman Campaign

In fulfilling his Corporate Social Responsibility, Chief Executive Officer of Chain Reactions Nigeria, Mr. Opayemi Isreal, has  explained the rationale behind the partnership of his PR firm and St. Ives Hospital to screen less privileged women of cervical cancer tagged, #SmearMyWoman Campaign.

According to the statement posted on his Facebook page on Tuesday, he said,  “Just so you know, today, my Public Relations Consulting firm, Chain Reactions Nigeria and one of Africa’s leading multi-specialist hospitals,  St. Ives, launched a #SmearMyWoman Campaign to Fight Cervical Cancer amongst vulnerable women in Nigeria.

“We are commemorating the Cervical Cancer Awareness and Prevention Month in our own little way by offering Free Cervical Screening to 100 vulnerable girls and women who otherwise might not be able to afford the test. This is to enable early discovery and treatment of the disease. 

“Over 50 million Nigerian women are said to be at risk of cervical cancer, which remains the number one cause of all cancer deaths in Nigeria among women of reproductive ages 15 to 44. 

“Globally, cervical cancer kills 720 women daily; that is one woman every two minutes. In Nigeria, out of the 14,000 women diagnosed with cervical cancer, about 30 of them die from the disease on daily basis, totalling over 10’000 daily.

“More details about the #SmearMyWoman campaign and our 100% cervical free screening initiative for 100 vulnerable women can be found at 

“Please help locate one vulnerable woman in your neighbourhood who may not be able to afford this test to get this screening free. Don’t just like this post, take action by speaking to someone about it.” The statement said.

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