Badagry Stands Still As Jandor Launches Ibile Eko Forum

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The renown Campaign Director General to Lagos state Governors for four times, Hon. Fuad Oki, has apologized to all Lagosians for been part of the governments which didn’t give the people the full recognition they deserve.

Speaking on Thursday at the inauguration of the Badagry-West chapter of Ibile Eko Forum, Oki said the indigenes of Lagos State has suffered so much due to their lack of full participation in politics to support their own who would turn things around to change the fortunes of the people.

The most decorated Campaign Director General, however, appreciated the people of Badagry-West for throwing their weight behind the grand patron of Ibile-Eko Forum, Mr. Abdulazeez Olajide Adediran and the movement, Ibile Eko Forum.

In a review of the success achieved so far, the Principal Coordinator of Ibile-Eko Forum, Hon. Bode Makinde admonished the new executives of the Badagry West of the Forum to take their appointment as a move to the betterment of the people of Lagos State. 

Makinde also announced that “more volunteers in diasporas are now registering their intention to join the movement in a bid to liberate the citizens and reduce drastically the poverty rate in the state”.

Speaking on behalf of the traditional leaders, High Chief Olumide Bankole, the Baale of Hoke-Daho assured of the traditional leaders supports and that of the people.

During the questions and answers session, the grand patron of Ibile-Eko Forum,  Mr. Abdulazeez Olajide Adediran told the people that, “I am qualified since, about ten years ago to contest for top political seats in the state and the country at large, but I am convinced that the time is now”.

Jandor as he is widely called, encouraged the people to embrace themselves in unity and be prepared for the task ahead.

In a visit to the Royal Palace of the Alapa of Apa Kingdom, His Royal Majesty, Oba Oyekan Adekanmi Ajose accepted the entourage of Ibile-Eko Forum by giving his royal blessing and declaring his readiness to walk the journey with the Grandpatron of the forum.

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