PUAN Tasks Nigerian Masses To Take Control Of The Ballot

Polling Unit Ambassadors of Nigeria (PUAN), has tasked Nigerian masses to take control of the ballot and hold politicians accountable for electoral vows.

Speaking at the inauguration of the Borno State Executives of the Polling Unit Ambassadors of Nigeria (PUAN) on Sunday, the Ambassador General of PUAN, Capt. Dabas Suleiman said: “We must stand to build a new Nigeria, which our children and their children should be proud of.”

He said: “We are not happy with our democracy in Nigeria. As presently run, it does not meet the needs of the electorates. It is about the interest of the politicians alone.”

Suleiman said during the election, the politicians bribe their way to power. We the masses must take control of the ballot again.”

He decried that before now political leadership promise heaven on earth, but once elected they do not remember their electoral promises.

He said PUAN is going to be at the centre of holding political office holders accountable for the electoral promises from time to time during their time in office, “we are not going to wait for their tenure to end or during the re-election.

Suleiman said: “We need to take back our country, we should not continue to allow them to bribe us to vote for them. No money should be enough to buy our votes.”

He advised the voters that “when they bring the money, let us tell them to use the money to develop the country.”

He said the politicians have started planning to come back to us as in time past, with money to vote for them.”

He added that: “We must give our votes to the right men just as we give our sons and daughters to the right spouse during marriage.”

On his part, the Director, Contact and Mobilization of PUAN, Babatunde Sotomey said the newly swore in executives of Borno State, would be monitored to ensure that they do not sell out during the election.

He said there are already procedure put in place to ensure that the next general election does not get manipulated and rigged.

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