[Video]COVID-19: Dr. Olukoya Makes Public Broadcast… Advises Christians Globally

In the wake of the scourge of the pandemic covid-19, it seems only world leaders have made declaration about steps taken to curb the menace of the dreaded disease. So many religious leaders seem to have kept quiet about the scourge. Some schools of thought have chided the religious clerics for being unduly silent.

Earlier today, a voicenote by the general overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM), Dr. D. K. Olukoya made an emphatic declaration to calm the frayed nerves of christians globally while also advising on what to do in these very fearful times.

See the video clip here:

The transcription of his voicenote is as follows:

“God bless you in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

This is your friend in the school of prayer and deliverance, Daniel Olukoya. We are clearly living in a very strange time and the world is in a state of confusion right now. A state of heartache and a state of fear because of this disease; Coronavirus.

This situation is humbling and it teaches us a very huge lesson. The lesson is that there is an Almighty God and that humans are just humans. The lesson is that it does not take the Almighty a long time to wipe out any group of people or even the whole of the human race. Having said these, I want all of you to be strong at this particular dark hour. I also want all of you to take the issue of personal and environmental hygiene as recommended officially, seriously. 

In conjunction with the personal and environmental hygiene, I want you to take the issue of praying the prayers we have sent to you seriously, that is, the ‘Anti-infirmity’ missiles and Psalm 91. Make sure you do this everyday, particularly if you are in the lockdown areas. To those of you who are in very dangerous areas, we encourage you not to despair but to pray and be strong. The Almighty will surely keep you in the name of Jesus. Remember the Bible says “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper”. The bible says “By His stripes you are healed”. The bible says “We are kept by the power of God”. 

In a situation where you are not allowed to leave your home, use it as an opportunity for spiritual retreat and spend time before the Lord. It is well with you in the name of Jesus. The hand of God shall continue to uphold you. Even if the infirmity is already in your body, the power of God shall melt it away in the name of Jesus. 

Father, I thank you for your children. I thank you for the members of mountain of fire and Miracles Ministries worldwide and all those Christians who are also listening to me. I pray right now oh Lord that everywhere your children are, the spirit of God will overshadow them in the name of Jesus. The power of Jehovah fill them from the top of their heads to the soles of their feet in the name of Jesus. Father, I pray that you laminate your people within and without with the power in the blood of Jesus. Put all your children inside the envelope of fire🔥, where no germ, disease or virus can penetrate. Laminate them with the blood of Jesus. Lay your hands upon their lives. As many as have encountered this disease, let your healing power overshadow them in the name of Jesus. Thank you heavenly father. In Jesus mighty name we pray. Amen.

God bless you in Jesus name and on behalf of myself and my wonderful wife, we pray that the holy ghost will continue to overshadow you. You shall not die but live to declare the works of christ. Thank you, God bless you in Jesus name.”

Dr. Olukoya is known to be a reserved cleric when it comes to public issues but it is believed that his voice would raise the hope of the hopeless and calm those who are fearful in this period of panic and tumult.

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