Corona Virus May Destroy Livestock’s Industry In Nigeria If……..PAN President

By Gbenga Akingbule. 

There is palpable fear that actions being taken by the government to restrict movement to prevent the spread of Covid 19 pandemic  may destroy the livestock  industry in Nigeria,  President of Poultry Association of Nigeria,  Mr Ezekiel Ibrahim has said .

 Mr Ibrahim said urgent  measures should be considered by the  Federal and State governments  to relax or review restriction of movement for transporters of poultry products across the country .

The PAN  President stated that both governments must see poultry products  as an essential commodity and must employ  urgent measures  to grant exemptions  to poultry  farmers and transporters.

At a press  conference in Maiduguri the Borno State Capital on Friday,  Mr Ibrahim insisted that government at all levels must wake up to their responsibility and not to allow the Covid 19 to pandemic bring about hunger in the land . 

The poultry farmer explained that  the decisions so far taken by various state governments across the country is already having a negative impact of the poultry industry in the country .

  According to him,  ” The situation of poultry products market is not stable at the moment ,and if urgent steps are not taken  to remove the restriction on the movement  of vehicles conveying such critical poultry like Day- Old – Chicks (DOCs) , Meat and Eggs , Poultry Feeds and Drugs  which are daily needed by Nigerians , the poultry industry which is on the path of becoming the mainstay on the Nigerian livestock industry might be completely destroyed 

He said ” It is important to relax and make flexible the rules that restrict movement of all kinds of Vehicles and appealling to the Federal and state governments to adjust the regulations and allow transport- trucks and buses carrying inbound supplies or products of food , chicken and Day- Old – Chicks and other FMCG products to be allowed to operate to ensure supply continuity of essential products .” 

Mr Ibrahim, however, advised his members across the country to observe biosecurity  not only ob their farms but the entire poultry production value chain ” so that the poultry industry might not be confronted with any other challenge of strange  disease outbreak ” . 

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