Activist’s Take Aways From Buhari’s Address ….Says The Speech Fails To Address The Fundamentals

By Adeola Samuel-Ilori

Kudos Mr. President for activating what other countries have been doing as you acknowledged in your speech that many countries coming up with stricter measures, but they never failed to put the welfare of those people in consideration sir. I don’t need to sound repetitive by listing  such palliative measures of those countries you might be referring to in your broadcast as it’s now common knowledge 

You have asked us to stay at home for 14 days in Lagos and Ogun states

as well as Abuja and I’m sure it is going to be followed up with martial law of drafting police and army to the streets . How can you be that callous to have said, it’s about personal sacrifice and that we should bear it in patriotic garments while you and your family will be in Aso Rock eating free and even using tooth pick to show how contented you are with the food.

I’m sure your advisers never bring to your notice the living standard of those two states you asked to forcefully stay at home for 2 weeks yet nothing to ameliorate their suffering. 

Don’t tell us that vague pronouncement of school feedings and rebate for farmer loans is sufficient enough to meet the need of those who rely solely on daily sales to makes ends meet.

It will be a thing of noble if by the press release you announce sum of N10000 at least  for all the residence to cushion the effect of staying at home doing nothing but eating and agitating for where the next meal will come from if the stocks runs out for many. I have exhausted my own Samaritan purse in just one week of partial lock down in Lagos, now yours is total lock down. I can’t be doing what the governments ought to do. What I had expected from your pronouncement was that the federal government has approved the sum of so and so amount to all residents with verifiable account just like it was done in those countries with stricter measure as you said

Let me briefly give you prognosis of consequences of your action in few days to come.

1. Lagosians will endure it for the first three days.

2. Next few days time you will be seen them striking around in two or three looking for how they can sell something to survive and when they can’t see anything especially the alright sir of Lagos, they will be visiting homes of the vulnerables to ask for titles mostly foods.

3. I can tell you before the end of the 2 weeks, the song you will hear on the streets will be that of how many people soldiers go kill o, how many people soldiers go kill, heeeee dem go kill us tire! The reason will be that hungers kill faster than coronovirus will do and the people will rather die on the streets than for you to end them with hunger while you keep using tooth pick to show how satisfied Aisha soup is in Aso Rock with our money. 

Sir, cut that crabs of most vulnerables you keep mentioning in your stop gap measure. As at today, every resident you lock down are vulnerables for now because many of us have stop receiving checks in the last one week from any client due to the effects of the lockdown on their businesses too. I look forward to do the right thing just as you said in your speech that there is no over reaction or under reaction but right action be employed.

God bless Nigeria!

Amb. Adeola Samuel Ilori

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