Caverton Helicopters Pilots:Sheathe Your Swords,TUC Counsels Wike, FG

The Trade Union Congress of Nigeria, (TUC), has called on the Federal and Rivers State Governments to relax their hard stance over the arrested pilots and workers of Caverton Helicopters and Shell Petroleum who were on essential duties in Port Harcourt.

TUC in a statement issued by its President, Comrade Quadri Olaleye and General Secretary, Comrade Musa-Lawal Ozigi, said issue here is that the two parties (Federal and Rivers state governments) though working for national interest, failed in the area of communication. 

TUC says “Communication gap is the reason for this imbroglio. We are in a precarious time. An issue like this should not have arisen if there was synergy. Flexing of muzzles will further worsen  our situation. 

“As an organisation we do not want to dwell on who is right or wrong. Agree, the flight was  a special operation and was duely approved by relevant government agencies, including the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) well and good, but the State government should have been carried along taking into consideration the Federal Government’s order and restriction of movement following the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The governor on his part went to the extreme if the alleged report of invasion into a military base to arrest workers who were on a lawful national assignment is true. Prosecuting instead of isolating them is bad. Revenue from oil runs the economy and if the Federal Government thought it wise to devise a means of sustaining the economy in the midst of this challenge it is a perfect idea; however,  all parties should be carried along to avoid laudable moves being misconstrued. 

“The Congress wishes to reiterate here that we do not need flexing of muzzles now. It is unnecessary as it will further create tension in the state, and the country at large. The hunger pang is enough. 

“No body should be taken for granted no matter what. All we need and ask for now is a sane and secure environment that would encourage the needed development after the COVID 19 scourge.” The statement said.

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