10TH ANNIVERSARY: Elegushi, A Trusted Traditional Friend Like No Other – Oluwo

Oba Elegushi

Ko gbo, ko to, ko ferigi jobi. Ase a pe, pe, pe, pe, pe, lenu. Wa se 50, wa se 60, wa se 70, wa se 80, wa se 90, wa se 100.. Ninu ola, alafia, ifokanbale, ayo, idunnu, igbega …

Elegushi of Ikateland, Oba Saheed Ademola, you have distinguished yourself to be reliable, trustworthy, dependable and helpful to all and sundry. You are a pillar of note not only to your subjects but to everyone in need of your help. No factor is too rigid before you in assisting people. So far, you are the best of the equal.  

As you mark your 10th anniversary on the throne of your forefathers, my wish and prayer is, Olodumare will strengthen you to do more affecting humanity positively. My company with you is unmatched in our institution. We have exchanged visits, I never regret every moment of our friendship because it is yielding and productive. Many tried to put asunder but futile. Sustaining our togetherness is strange to many but understandable to us. 

The memories of those moments we spend together in mapping out useful ideas are fascinating. You wish me well, I wish you best. That is the short definition of our togetherness. Elegushi, you shall continue to enjoy the grace and mercy of God on the throne. No enemies will be victorious against you. 

As usual and as done last year, corona virus cannot prevent us from celebrating it together but unfailingly, I’ve prepared a special delicious dish to break my fast in commemoration of your anniversary while I dedicate today, being fasting season to pray for you, bless your throne and seek for more favour as I wish myself the same. We will celebrate many more together and forever. The crown will glue to our heads for long as we continuously have every reason to glorify Olodumare.

Elegushi dynasty will continue to romance peace, happiness , long live and virile understanding. Do accept the assurances of my best wishes.

I love you, I love you, I love you and will love you forever.

Ko gbo, ko to, ko pe.


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