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Devaan Mom

By Joshua Oriola 

The the founder of the first ever monthly digital beauty contest in Nigeria, Devaan Mom has said that the new concept was aimed at showcasing beauty in a non-traditional format; to discover, celebrate and uplift beauty in a positive and dignified way that empowers the woman.

Mom said the concept which she christened “Mocha Beauty” was birthed when she noticed that traditional beauty contests were so exclusive that women and even young girls who would ordinarily be considered good-looking had developed a complex about their looks. 

“The maiden edition of the digital contest was held in February, 2020. Since then, winners have been smiling home with cash awards. The winner of the award is crowned ‘Mocha Beauty’ of the month”, she said. 

Mom also observed that owing to some of the requirements for the typical beauty contest (swimwear), many women who would perhaps have loved to showcase their beauty via pageantry were being left in the cold. 

“These include women from conservative backgrounds, married women, and mature ladies. Also, younger girls were resorting to unseemly conduct in a desperate bid to celebrate their looks”, she added. 

At the moment, the MocahBeauty platform is the only completely digital platform, monthly showcasing the beauty of everyday women in Nigeria.  

According to her, “for participation, ladies above the age of 18 can visit www.mochabeautyng.com for more information and register with their social media accounts and 3 photographs in traditional and western attires”. 

“After a period of registration, the portal is thrown open to the general public for voting. The winner emerges by a simple majority. So far, 3 editions have been successfully held. Miss February is Eunice Tikyaa of the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi Benue state; Miss March is a fashion designer, Otishi Iduku and Miss April is Peace Mgbede. There are also compensation prizes for 2 runners up, Mom noted.  

MochaBeauty offers its winners opportunities for growth and empowerment in their preferred endeavors. 

Mom said the the plan is to get the monthly winners into the grand finale, Miss Year, which will hold in December this year with a truly magnificent package. 

She said the overall winner will be supported through her chosen livelihood and linked with a mentor in addition to material prizes that will be part of the package.

Mom is a career journalist, TV trainer, politician, and development worker. She is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of FIRMUS Communications. Perhaps, this is why she conceived the idea of Mocha Beauty, with the aim of promoting beauty in a unique way that also empowers today’s woman.

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