NDDC Saga: I Slapped Akpabio Because Of Sexual Harassment—Joy Nuineh …..Why Is Akpabio interested In My Love life?

Joy Nuineh and Sen Godswill Akpabio

Former managing director of Interim Management Committee of the NDDC, Mrs Joy Nuineh, has opened up on why she slapped the former governor of Akwa-Ibom and minister of Niger Delta, Senator Godswill Akpabio.

Speaking on a current affairs program monitored in Lagos on Arise Television on Monday, Mrs Nuineh says Akpabio was harassing her sexually and that explained why he’s interested in her love life.

“I told Akpabio that I won’t attend any meeting with him outside the office, that’s what he referred to as insubordination.

“ It was Akpabio’s girl friend that was supplying diesel to the NDDC. Akpabio was obsessed and raising money for his presidential ambition and that is why he was enraged when I met with the minister of transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, and other people.

“Akpabio was coming to me with all manner of request. Akpabio himself raised the issue about the oath taking with him during  the reconciliation meeting in Abuja.

On the issue about his marital life, she said, “Does he want to be my fifth husband? Why is he interested in my love life six months after? I have ordered my lawyer to sue him so that he will come and name my former four husbands. 

“I only spent N8bn as opposed to N22bn that Akpabio Alleged.” She said.

On the controversy surrounding her NYSC, “The onus is on Akpabio to prove that I didn’t observe the mandatory one year NYSC. Two governors have advised me not to release my documents so that it won’t be doctored. 

“On insubordination, I didn’t receive any query from Akpabio throughout my tenure. He wrote me that we should release money for financial assistance for some people . Even Akpabio Chief of staff wrote that I should release money for Financial assistance, how do I reply to all these? I think Akpabio doesn’t understand that the NDDC is not to be used to render financial assistance to individuals. It’s that bad for a two terms governor not to understand the mandate of the NDDC. Why did he not tell Nigerians that I slapped him in his guest house. I told Akpabio that I won’t go out of office to have meetings with him. He came up with plan B, I slapped him because of sexual harassment.” She said.

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