NCFront Demands Immediate Release Of RevolutionNow Protesters, Decries Hate Speech Fine …..Says Buhari Government Now A Full Blown Police State

The leadership of the NCFront has demanded the immediate freedom of a group of young Nigerians arrested on Wednesday by  State Security operatives during a peaceful protest organised under the banner of the famous #RevolutionNow! Movement, a peaceful rally meant to call the attention of government to growing insecurity, poverty, hardship, hunger, bloodletting and avoidable loss of lives and properties in the country.

NCFront in a statement signed by Dr Tanko Yunusa, Head of Public Affairs Bureau on Wednesday also condemned federal government policy on hate speech and the latest increase in the fine of what is termed as hate speech offence by the Nigerian Government

The Pan Nigerian Consultative Front, which prides itself as the peoples government in waiting, having recently announced that it is constituting a shadow government to proffer credible alternative positions and programme to self serving governance presently being dished out to Nigerians by the ruling government, said it is not surprised that the Buhari Administration has finally degenerated into a full blown police state by its undemocratic and anti people’s panicky measures

The group, which vowed to form the next government in Nigeria by mobilising Nigerians for a massive Electoral Ballot Revolution in Nigeria, avowed that protest is a constitutional right of every citizen of Nigeria and that the arrest and continued detention of the young protesters is illegal and high handed

“For these reasons, those forcefully taken into custody by security agents today deserve unreserved apology and compensation for abuse of their constitutional and fundamental human rights of Speech, association and movement apart from also deserving immediate release from their illegal detention”

NCFront, also took a swipe at the Minister For Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed for promoting and hyping a illegitimate and obnoxious policy by what is presently being introduced and promoted as hate speech fine of the Buhari regime. “We think this policy of government, apart from being obnoxious, is clearly antithetical to democracy and natural laws and therefore ultimately futile and so should be immediately scrapped to avoid unhelpful muzzling of genuine opposition as appears to us as a reincarnation of Decree 2 of 1983 of the military regime under General Muhammadu Buhari (GMB), which smacks of growing intolerance of government to constructive opposition and the voices of the people”

“Consequently, as Government in waiting and  facilitators of all inclusive democratic consultative process initiated to form a people’s government in Nigeria, we call on all well meaning Nigerians and Leaders of Conscience to immediately rise and team up with the NCFront as a Credible Political Alternative initiated to end the reckless reign of a political cartel in government running the country as a criminal enterprise”


Dr Tanko Yunusa

Head, Public Affairs Bureau

0818 845 1511

NCFront National Headquartered

Utako District, Abuja

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