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The Author & Publisher of Healthcare Magazine, Dr. Bola Olaosebikan, OON.

Health is the greatest wealth and if there is health knowledge, you can prevent many diseases. You can avoid certain things and your health will be very good. However, in the absence of adequate personal health awareness, many preventable health conditions sets in and without early diagnosis or medical attention, a simple disease can become a major health problem. To avert these type of experiences, this is why I have come up with this book, titled, “30 Laws for Good health”, as a health empowerment tool for all.

Knowledge is power; if you have health knowledge, you have health power. So I am very happy to announce to you with great joy and excitement, the birth of this new book 30 LAWS FOR GOOD HEALTH, that is written exclusively for you, as a health empowerment tool for all those that want to improve, promote and protect their wellbeing. In this book,  you will fulfill your dream, of having a reliable book of reference and support for all aspect of good health, for prevention and promotion of your health and well-being.

You are the main reason why I wrote this book, I had you in mind while writing this book.

I thought of how individuals could understand health up to the cellular level and why everyone should have better understanding of how the body works. This thought came to my subconscious, when I had a fracture on my leg and I was admitted in hospital for treatment. I realized at that point that it is the food I eat that will become bone,that will come together to heal the fracture on my leg. I realized the role of water, the role of oxygen etc. in human health.

This experience and my reflections during the admission inspired me to write this book, and to reveal what we need to do to truly enjoy good health and our own roles, the right food for good health; what to eat  to lose weight and how to keep it. What to do to have effective immune system that will prevent and control diseases.

As a medical practitioner, health promotion specialist and publisher of a health magazine for over 34yrs as well as a health administrator, I have included latest information on how to improve service delivery as well by professionals in medical care, diagnosis, public health, primary health care, nursing, digital health, health insurance, as well as how to control viral infection and ways to make the society more secured and have adequate health coverage in every state.

So, as an individual, family, man or woman, students, health workers, corporate bodies, health professionals, industrialists, or health planners, 30 LAWS FOR GOOD HEALTH is the best book you will ever read.

You can place your orders for the book now and you can also get the e-book or paper back.


I look forward to receive your mails as well and to discuss this book and share the experience of having health knowledge for healthy living.

Dr Bola Olaosebikan, OON, is a medical doctor and the author of 30 LAWS FOR GOOD HEALTH

email: drbolaola@gmail.com

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