TRIBUTE To Iyiola Omisore @63 By Former Vice President , Arc Namadi Sambo

Atari Ajanaku as he is fondly called by his political associates, Senator Iyiola Ajani Omisore is one individual we have come a long way both as a brother, professional colleague and political associate. Our relationship started over three decades ago with enchanting and complimentary testimonial to reminisce.

The Senator Iyiola Omisore that I know is a complete gentleman, an accomplished engineer, a thoroughbred technocrat, a political juggernaut per excellence, a philanthropist, a consummate writer and a gifted orator whose public lectures are a great source of inspiration not only to the people of his generation but to the younger generations as well.

As a professional colleague, our relationship started in the early 1980s, when both of us were consultants to the World Bank, African Development Bank and other regional bodies. As an Architect and with Omisore as an engineer, we were involved in the execution of several regional infrastructure projects in the African sub-continent. From our engagements, I found in him, a very keen, versatile and highly knowledgeable engineer with a strong professional calling and commitment to hard work and excellence.  

Omisore has carved a niche for himself in the engineering field, which makes him the darling of his professional guilds. A recipient of several awards and accolades for his various contributions to the field of engineering from professional guilds, Student associations and groups. A doctorate degree holder, fellow of the Nigerian Society of Engineers and other professional bodies both at home and abroad, Engr. Dr. Iyiola Omisore transcends the bounds of his chosen career like a colossus. Just like Caesar, He came, saw and conquered. He is no doubt one of the brightest and outstanding Engineers Nigeria has ever produced.

His foray into politics is not by accident of history but a gradual build which later metamorphosed and brought out his genuine desire to serve his people and fast-track National development. For someone who has achieved great success in business and is poised to achieve more, to suddenly turn his attention away from his fortunes to serve the people, who to him are dearer than his business ventures, takes special courage that only very few people possess in every society.  

As Deputy Governor and later Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, he was instrumental to the development of key areas in his state of Osun and the country in general. The projects he influenced speak volumes of the gargantuan achievements he accomplished together with His Governor. 

As Senator, Iyiola Omisore just like the goldfish, has no hiding place. His great potentials and antecedents endeared him to other members of the hallowed chambers.  He headed one of the most challenging and tasking committees in the Senate which is the appropriation committee. His eloquence in presentations and defence ensured the speedy passage of bills vital to the rapid development of the nation He has been instrumental to the sponsorship of several infrastructural development bills across the country, of which many saw the light of the day. Added to his statutory role as chairman, Senate Committee on Appropriation, he entrenched financial discipline in budgetary control and ensured that national budget is implemented to the latter.

Outside politics and Business, Senator Iyiola Omisore is a public speaker, a philanthropist, Educationist and socialite who is at home with the youth, the less-privileged, students, clubs and societies.

His contributions to the development of education is quite significant while his philanthropy cut across every segment of the society. The large volume of awards and honours he receives from both public and private concerns are testimonies to his excellent contributions to the society.

Senator Omisore has been severally misquoted, misjudged, misunderstood and misrepresented by political rivals. As a political titan, he has emerged from the evil machinations of traducers, stronger, more popular and more acceptable to his electorates

The biography of this great gentleman: Iyiola Omisore  An Accomplished Professional In Politics is apt as it will capture all his great achievements, his works, his trials, victories, his views and philosophy. It will serve as an inspiration to the younger generation for truly in him, a lot is to be learned that success is not by birth but by the dint of hard work, dedication and commitment to service.

His Excellency, Arc. Namadi Sambo, FNIA,GCON.

Former Vice President, Federal Republic of Nigeria


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