‘Bola Adams Tinubu’ Edo Will Not Listen, By Lucky Obase


In his five minute video submission on the upcoming Edo State gubernatorial election, Bola Ahmed Tinubu strangely laid claim to not only being a democrat, but the leader of all democrats in Nigeria irrespective of their political party. 

He has harvested the lead of the democracy title in Nigeria in an attempt to curry Edo’s to his side and put non-Edo’s  on notice. Mr. Democrat Tinubu is completely laughable no doubt. !!!!!

In his strange hibiscus garden office posing as a statesman he asked Edo voters to reject Godwin Obaseki in the poll for possessing what he pinpointed as anti-democratic tendencies, accusing him of preventing fourteen members elect of Edo State House of Assembly  from being sworn-in sixteen months ago. “Asiwaju” please stop the delusion and wake up and smell the hibiscus. 

What Mr. Democrat cleverly left out as a political mathematician is that 14 is greater than 10, and the 14 members who missed the promulgated session of the Edo State House of Assembly, should have turned themselves in for swearing-in and thereafter use their numerical strength to change the leadership of the house they so desired, or are democrats afraid of numbers. 

Why did he encourage and fund the refusal of these Edo legislators elect to resume duties; what he dare not do in 2015, by asking his wife Remi Tinubu and his other stooges to stay away from the red chamber of the national assembly, when Bukola Saraki emerged Senate President against their choice.

What Tinubu cleverly left out in his submission is that the seats of these recalcitrant legislators elect have been legally declared vacant and their matter is in court. We all do not suffer selective amnesia. 

Tinubu who imposes party candidates, party executives, public office holders in the Lagos chapter of the APC claiming to be a democrat leaves many perplexed and bemused. This attempt to rewrite a running history is ill guided, ill advised and ill informed. This has revealed Tinubu as a power contractor who feasts on public office and public office holders. 

Political actors and watchers will not forget that trending video clip in the build up to the 2019 general elections, where Tunde Balogun the Lagos APC factional state party chairman sought to swap candidates names and the returning officer told him he can only do so on Tinubu’s order, not on the orders of the party primary.  

Nor could watchers forget how he majestically handed Senator Uche Ekwunife the list of state party executives in the comfort of his Ikoyi home 24 hours to the state congress, nor will party members forgot how Tinubu, his mandate group minions and hired thugs unleashed great violence on party members who bought congress, nomination and expression of interest forms, when these members and their supporters presented themselves for party congresses and primaries. 

A most sour point in his self serving narrative is that he is the leader of the set of Nigerians who fought military dictators to a standstill. Can he avail Nigerians the list of his co-soldiers who are still with him today, with whom he holds court as leader. Everyone with rational minds have boldly excused him and his politics of greed out of their lives and organisations. Is it the real Afenifere stock, is it ASUU, NUPENG, NANS, media organizations, these bodies have seen through his shenanigans, situational patriotism and transactional politics over the years and have walled themselves off him and his psuedo democratic wannabe credentials . 

Lest we forget , there is the “democratic” Alpha Beta Company (ABC) owned by Tinubu that has been shaving 10 percent of the state internally generated revenue for twenty years contrary to Nigerian law. “Democratically” denying Lagosians of huge revenue that can be used for healthcare , roads and other crucial common man needs. 

Obaseki built one of the referenced public service pillars of the Tinubu administration, as the Lead Lagos State Economic and Strategic Team in Tinubu’s eight years as Governor 1999 to 2007.

He is replicating same in Edo and has gone ahead building power plants that Tinubu’s Enron could not deliver in Lagos, he has built a refinery that in 21 years of Tinubu’s pharaohic total control of Lagos has not thought about for the commercial nerve that Lagos is. 

Lagos of Tinubu with great aquatic asset has no self sufficiency in fish production, but Edo of Obaseki is self sufficient in oil palm production with works in advanced stage to start processing for export. While ocean front properties in Tinubu’s Lagos goes to speculating cronies of Tinubu; Obaseki has deployed Edo ocean front to building a sea port to open up Edo to the world, this project is ongoing. Unlike fourth mainland bridge that is on paper 21 years after. 

Tinubu’s Lagos education board went to Obaseki’s Edo to copy “Edo Best” educational policy and implimentation templates to replicate in Lagos. While Tinubu’s Lagos is lazy sport wise, Obaseki’s Edo has Olympic grade sporting facilities and development of sports men and women in  Nigeria and the rest of the world counts on. While land grabbers, thugs, social miscreants have been re-engineered  away from the communities of Edo and the ring road. Tinubu’s Lagos is in firm grip of violent thugs who pride themselves as Tinubu boys. 

The list is endless, with revenue that does not hold up to that of Tinubu’s Lagos, Obaseki’s Edo has outclassed Tinubu’s Lagos in public service deliveries. 

No wonder Tinubu in his desperate submission did not touch on performance and pro Edo people deliveries. He sought to inflame on the trajectory of Obaseki not being a democrat, something he himself is evidently not. 

Where were Tinubu’s pristine democratic credentials when his puppet Adams Oshiomhole removed the roof of Edo State House of Assembly, where was his voice when Oshiomhole used seven members to pass his budget, where was his democratic flag when Oshiomhole discarded the list of duly elected APC House of Assembly candidates and swapped it with his loyalists. Tinubu had no table, chair and camera to record his position then. 

A self styled leader who allegedly supported the fall godfatherism in Edo cannot now seek to re-erect the pillars of a past that Edo people have moved away from. Only him and his tiny assembly of Yes men will continue to worship on that retrogressive anti people altar. 

Moreover ‘Ororo no dey fade, Oba no dey go transfer’. Edo and Edo people  will never be vassals of Tinubu and those co- travellers who have sold their conscience. Tinubu wants us to listen to him, yet when he tried to deny Fashola a second term did he listen until forced , when he eventually denied Ambode a second term , did he listen to the President and other well meaning members of his party including prostrating Governors , did he listen to Party members that he should not impose Tokunbo Abiru for the Lagos East Senatorial seat ,  Tinubu has absolutely zero credentials and credibility as a listener so we will not listen to him. 

We are a proud people and will never succumb to Bola Adams Tinubu’s shenanigans and drowning man antics. !!!! 

Oba ghato kpere ise’ …….

Lucky Obaze 

Proudly Edo .

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