Edo, Ondo Elections: US, UK Threaten Electoral Offenders With Prosecution, Asset Seizure, Visa Ban El-Rufai, Kekemeke May Be Affected

Isaac Kekemeke

Forty eight hours to the Edo Gubernatorial election, the United States of America and United Kingdom have threatened electoral offenders with prosecution, asset seizure and visa restrictions.

The two countries have also extended the ban to those who rig or cause mayhem during the October 10,2020 Gubernatorial election in Ondo state.

The US in the run up to 2019 election had issued similar threats to those who rig in Nigeria.

This threat is coming on the heels of allegation and counter allegations by the two dominant political parties in the election: the Peoples Democratic Party and the All Progressives Congress.

The European countries may also rally some of their allies to clamp down on electoral offenders in Nigeria as a means to deter those who may want to rig the elections in the two states. 

It will be recalled that a wife of a sitting governor from the north west was denied US visa recently. This may be as a result of threat by a northern governor prior to 2019 that any foreign observer who meddle in Nigeria election will be returned in ‘body bags’. 

In Ondo state, similar threat has also been recorded when a former chairman of the APC, Isaac Kekemeke, in a viral video said his party will use federal might to rig the election, but he later said it was a mere political statement that he meant no harm. 

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