Tukur Buratai: Leading An Army For All….

By Yemi Saka 

The primary role of Nigeria Army is not any different from Armies all over the world, which is to protect the territorial integrity of Nigeria against any act of aggression; foreign or domestic. This is not an exclusive role of the Army, but one which is shared with other branches of our Armed Forces. 

Aside this primary role, just like every other army, Nigeria Army are also called upon and often times volunteer to assist civil authorities during humanitarian crisis and other developmental projects and programs.

The Nigeria Army over the years has bridge the chasm in our nation’s infrastructural deficit especially at the grassroots which is always at the receiving end of leadership indiscretion. 

All these are aimed towards strengthening Army-Civil relationship. 

While it is a widely acknowledged fact that it is an age long tradition, it is pertinent to note that as we speak, the current leadership of Nigeria Army under Lt. Gen. Tukur Yusuf Buratai will be the envy of previous and future Army Chief(s) for it’s critical infrastructural support drive in rural communities.

In the face of deep mistrust for Nigeria Army,  misinformation about its activities and misconception of its intent and purpose, Nigeria Army through many of such projects and interventions is gradually changing the narratives about it. 

As we speak, there is no geopolitical zone that has not benefited immensely from the selfless and patriotic service of Nigeria Army. 

The commissioning of the Kuta-Ikoyi-Ede bridge and an Army Reference Hospital at Asamu, both is Osun State further affirmed the assertion that there is an upsurge in such activities by the Buratai led Army. 

The Bailey bridge has reduced travel time from Kuta to Ede from two hours to fifteen minutes while It has also opened up Kuta to more development. 

One cannot ignore the role played by Oba Hammed Oyelude Adekunle Makama in attracting this and other developmental projects to his domain and environs, His Royal Highness has demonstrated there is fruition in Military-Civil relationship when properly anchored on existing institutions. 

In the face of the ongoing war which has deflated the emotions of many Nigerians, these projects and many of such evenly spread across the country will in no small measure contribute to regaining of confidence, trust, belief and unwavering support for Nigeria Army by Nigerians. Truly we have an Army for all and Lt. Gen. Tukur Yusuf Buratai is leading it.

Deyemi Saka

CEO/Lead Partner

Lambert and Curtis Nig. Ltd.

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