FINTECH Mogul,Adeluka , Peers, Float Charity Group

Pix above show the mogul gesturing to the needy…….

Leading Abuja based Fintech Entrepreneur, Otunba Evans Adeluka, has floated a Charity Organisation, alongside likeminds, to cater for sundry needy groups, including elders, motherless homes, and others in need of aid.

The group named Fantastic Voyage seeks to show empathy through cash and material gifts by lifting spirits of beneficiaries with visits, gifts, medical care and fanfares.

In a release in Abuja, the gentlemen, including Poultry tycoon, Jide Oyeneye, Medical Practitioner, Dr. Adegboye and others, said their activities has led to recent visits to places like the Amazing Grace Old People’s Home, the Karu Motherless Babies home, while they will visit more in the coming weeks.

Adeluka disclosed that a regular end of the month fund raising gathering usually precedes their outings, where friends and family members pull resources, ahead of their next voyage-the name for their charity visits.

“Social responsibility,” Adeluka pointed out “is compulsory for anyone or group concerned about public wellbeing and is also consistent with the teachings of most religions in terms of love, sharing and giving” 

He stressed: “We shall continue on this path in the next couple of months and years, as the lord provides, and we urge likeminds to join our endeavour for the good of communities, our country and the world at large”

Adeluka added: “We are at the beginning stage. In the long term, we should be able to assist with physical home life and other facilities to give hope to the vulnerable, and provide love, so they can once more appreciate life and the world around them.

“Our aim is to give voice to the voiceless when government cares not only less about this people, but where no concrete policy supports them. Our strategy includes social team bonding, workforce creation, towards a synergy of purpose and the generation of resources to achieve our aim”

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