Post COVID-19: Oba Afolabi’s Olori Inaugurates Apomu Women Cooperatives

Oba Afolabi & Olori Janet

As part of the initiatives to get the women in Apomu land in Osun State back to business after the coronavirus pandemic, the wife of the King of Apomu land, Olori Janet Afolabi will, on Friday launch Apomu Women Cooperative, a platform to empower them back to business, trade and various vocations.

According to Olori Afolabi; “On Friday 2nd of October, l am launching APOMU WOMEN COOPERATIVE, to support some of our women with interest-free loans. The women were randomly selected, shortlisted and interviewed by experts from LEAD Transformation Initiative.

“Beneficiaries will be announced during the event. They are expected to pay back the loans monthly over five months.

“Following the high rate of default, the beneficiaries will be trained on Financial Intelligence by Kemi Titilayo, Cofounder and Director LEAD Transformation Initiative. She will communicate with the women in Yoruba language.

“One of the aims of the training is to change the mindset of the beneficiaries because many of them see loans of this nature as free money and do not pay back. They need to pay back so other women can benefit.

“The training is not limited to beneficiaries alone. Other women who want to learn about book keeping and how to grow their petty businesses can also join on 2nd of October at the Palace hall. The training is free and will be done quarterly when we have new beneficiaries.

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