Impersonation :YWC Disowns UK, Europe Group

The Yoruba World Congress (YWC) faction led by Prof Banji Akintoye has disowned the YWC, UK and Europe Chapter.

Notice of disownment was made through a three-page memo titled “Matters Relating to the Yoruba World Congress in the UK, Europe and Worldwide” released by the YWC Interim Committee, made public on the 8th October 2020 and posted on the YWC Facebook page.

The signed memo and social media post warn all members of the YWC worldwide to be wary of a Mr Tajudeen who has being parading himself as Chairman of the YWC,  UK and Europe to defraud people across the world.

The notice also warns all that there is no organization affiliated to the Prof Banji Akintoye led YWC recognized as YWC, UK and Europe and that the logo and symbols used by the Mr Tajudeen and his fellow members of the YWC, UK and Europe are not recognized by the YWC. 

The post on the social media handle warned that anybody parading the logo of the YWC, UK and Europe group is an impostor, a scammer and a fraudster”.

Our research revealed that this is not the first time YWC members have disowned the YWC UK and Europe group, several posts in the past two months published on the YWC handles have continually called out the users of the YWC UK and Europe group logo as moles and swindlers.

The accused and disowned members of the YWC UK and Europe group however insist that they were officially inaugurated as chapter and executives by Prof Banji Akintoye who has assured them many times to ignore the noises of the logo agitators.

Over the weekend Mr Tajudeen declared that they were going to take legal steps against the libel attack on their persons and group. A video was released showing two members of the YWC UK and Europe group at a London police station where they alleged to have gone to make a complaint against those disowning them.

A London based lawyer and YWC member who spoke to our reporters noted that the pressure has been on for a long time for action to be taken against those parading themselves as the YWC UK and Europe group but the Secretary General (Prof Anthony Kila) insisted that “dialogue was the way forward not diktats”. Confirming such position, an Ibadan based member of the YWC known as Princess said that it was “Kila who allowed these people to become a problem in YWC because he was too soft on them when everyone was telling him to disown them publicly”.

From all indications, the fate of the YWC, UK and Europe group lays in the hands of Prof Banji Akintoye who though close to the members of the YWC, UK and Europe group is also said to have approved the disownment notice and in support of the allegations of scamming made against the YWC, UK and Europe group.

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