Biden Leads Trump With 264 To 214 To Projected Electoral Victory

Trump & Biden

Joe Biden breaks Barack Obama’s vote record, as Trump campaign challenges count in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

A demonstrator holds a sign at a protest during the 2020 Presidential election in New York, U.S., on Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2020. Joe Biden won Michigan and Wisconsin Wednesday, putting him on the brink of taking the White House from President Donald Trump, hours after the president’s team opened legal fights to stop vote counting in at least two states. Photographer: Mark Abramson/Bloomberg
  • Voting has closed in the United States and all eyes are on the count in key states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada and North Carolina to decide the race for the White House.
  • Michigan, an important swing state, has been called for Democratic candidate Joe Biden by the Associated Press.
  • Addressing supporters, Biden said he “believes” he will win. He flipped Arizona and Wisconsin, while taking California, Washington, New York and Illinois.
  • US President Donald Trump claimed victory prematurely and has continued to falsely claim ballots counted after Election Day signal malfeasance. He takes Florida, Ohio, Iowa, Missouri and Texas.
  • Early voting surged to unprecedented levels, with just over 100 million early votes cast either in person or by mail before polls opened on Election Day.

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