Food Security:YG To Mentor 350 Graduate Into Agric Projects

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The Yoruba Global Alliance (YG) is set to commence a mentorship programme aimed at guiding 350 Yoruba Graduates towards Agric Projects that will put them at the centre of personal and community development.

The programme will link 25 accomplished Yoruba academics and practitioners from various sectors and countries across world to Yoruba Graduates chosen from 10 States across Nigeria to work on over 30, 000 Acres of land.

The initiative was announced at the Airport Hotel Lagos on Thursday 12th of November 2020 during press conference held at the end of a meeting of members of the YG Leaders Council. 

The press conference was chaired Dr.Fred Agbeyegbe, Esq. who emphasized the importance of the Yoruba origin of Itsekiri people.

Also present at the press conference were the YG President, Dr Amos Akingba, the Council Chairman, Chief Tola Adeniyi, the Chancellor of Tradition, Chief Solagbade Popola and the YG Secretary General, Prof Anthony Kila.

In explaining the YG Agric Graduate Mentorship Programme, the YG Secretary General, Prof Anthony Kila, pointed out that the initiative wants “to help place our young graduates at the centre of development and job creation.”

According to Kila each graduate will be encouraged to develop and manage an Agric project in his or her local government of residence.

The YG Agric Project will be coordinated in each state by YG Chairperson and participants can apply by vising the YG website. 

Chairpersons at the Lagos meeting include Amb. Folake Marcus-Bello (Lagos) Chief Joju Fadairo (Ogun) Chief Adeniyi Oyekunle (Oyo) Mr Akeeb Ajilesoro (Osun) Chief Seun Ojuolape (Ekiti) Dr David Atteh (Kogi)

YG President, Dr Amos Akingba observed that the YG Agric project is part of the mission of the YG to Educate, Empower and Engage Yoruba communities.  

In his intervention titled “Leadership in Yorubaland”, YG Council Chair, Chief Tola Adeniyi, urged all to stop focusing on politics for leadership and to look towards arts, trades, science and business for leadership as these sectors are where leaders are made through merit and creation of wealth and jobs.

YG Chancellor of Tradition Chief,Solagbade Popoola noted that the Agric project will not only create jobs and wealth while engaging Yoruba Graduates, it will also allow the world to discover a variety of Yoruba food and herbs that are useful to all.

Prof Anthony kila further clarified that all Yoruba graduate regardless of their academic background can apply to join the project by visiting the YG website (, their application will however include a reference form signed by their traditional rulers.

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