How Lagos Task Force Team Leader, Members Got Into Trouble Over N100,000 Bribe

Lagos State Environmental and Special Offenses Enforcement Unit (task force) on Sunday said it has arrested one DSP Popoola Kayode, leader of the agency operating around Lekki-Ajah Expressway for collecting N100,000 bribe from a female traffic offender in the state.

Spokesperson for the agency, Adebayo Taofiq, disclosed this in a statement on Sunday.

According to Taofiq, the bribe was paid by one Didi Ekanem, owner of a Toyota Venza with registration number: APP 775 GJ, who was caught driving against traffic (one-way) around Lekki Ajah Expressway.

The statement reads, “The leader of the team, DSP Popoola Kayode, who is not the commander of the agency as quoted inside the report, collected the sum of N100,000 via bank transfer to his account before he released the vehicle to the owner, one Didi Ekanem.

“The leader of the team and members of his team have been arrested and queried by the chairman, and they would be sent back to the Lagos Police Command for further disciplinary action.

“The agency hereby warns motorists, particularly private car owners and motorcycle operators to desist from driving against traffic as anyone caught would be charged to the Lagos State Mobile Court for prosecution.

“Members of the public should stop inducing our officers with money and be reminded that both the giver and receiver are liable to prosecution under the law. It is only the court that pronounces traffic fines and the money is paid into government purse.”

The agency, however, urged members of the public to always report any corrupt officer, who engaged in shady deals, thereby destroying the image of the agency for disciplinary action.

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