Facts Vs Fictions On Demolished Asher Restaurant Sabon Tasha

By Stephen Kefas 

Asher Kings and Queens Restaurant, aka, Asher Restaurant Sabon Tasha Kaduna was never at any point in time a hotel or guest house but a full fledged restaurant providing eatery and catering services in Kaduna.

Asher Restaurant is owned and run by Mrs Aisha Mercy Yakubu, wife to the Kaduna state PDP PRO Alberah Catoh. This further makes the demolition more political than moral.

The much talked about Kaduna Sex Party has no relationship with Asher Restaurant.

The restaurant was hastily demolished by the Kaduna state government on unfounded allegations that the facility was to be used to host a sex party. How can a sex party be held in a restaurant situated in an open area?.

The demolition of the property is more political than moral even though the Kaduna State Property Development Agency KASUPDA claimed the property was demolished in connection with the proposed sex party.

The CEO of the restaurant lost her one month old pregnancy due to shock/trauma emanating from the demolition of her business facility.

This is a Kaduna state government that sometimes last week kicked against jungle justice following the killing of some bandits by locals in Sanga Local Government Area of the state yet carried out jungle justice against a law abiding citizen whose only crime is owning a restaurant.

Finally, the Kaduna state government has not only unlawfully demolished a restaurant owned by a law abiding citizen but have also committed murder as their malicious action led to the death of an unborn child.

All well meaning citizens of Kaduna and Nigeria at large must lend their voices in demanding for justice for Aisha and her unborn child.


Steven Kefas

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